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10 Tips to Develop Speaking Capability in Toddlers


Many parents are looking for solutions and ways to improve their Toddler’s Speaking Skills. Do you know? Even before your child speaks his first word, his speaking skills start getting developed. It’s up to us (parents) how we want to develop and build their speaking skills and vocabulary.

Do you remember your Baby’s First words like Baba, Mama, Dada, etc? Those are the starting few words in a toddler’s own Small Vocabulary, Importance of Vocabulary is not only for Better Communications but it will also help in Baby’s Brain Development.

By the time your child is 2 years old, he or she will start using small but complete words like dad, mom, dog, ball, milk, toy, eats, dodo etc, depending on his interest and liking, e.g. if he likes to play with the ball then he will speak ball very clearly which I can tell from my experience as my 2 years old daughter use to speak ball very clearly as she was and is very fond of balls.

Is There Any Particular Age to develop Toddler’s Speaking Skills (Speaking Skills Develops)?

We should always speak normal (just like a grown-up kid) with our baby from birth itself, as baby’s brains are always in learning mode and more we communicate with them will make them understand language, tone, and words quickly and very early.

As far as deciding the right age to start focusing on vocabulary development is concerned, no one can say that as it varies from kids to kids. As soon as you notice that your child is started using small words like mama, daddy, cat, dog then that is the best time to start, which normally happens as soon as babies hit 24 month mark.

10 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Toddlers Speaking Skills

1 # Speak Clearly and Correctly

As we know our kids are more monkey than humans when it comes to copying they imitate what they see their parents are doing, same goes for your speaking .when your child hears you speak they will try to imitate that in the same tone and pronunciation. Therefore, it’s a duty for all parents  to speak clearly and correctly around their child. Wrong pronunciation and tone around them will make them adopt the same.

Your conversation with your toddlers should always be in a sweet and cute tone, As they are smart enough to understand your tone and they can respond back in the same tone.

2 # Use Full Sentences

The biggest mistake parents do with their toddlers when they start speaking in lingos by using incomplete words and sentences. Full sentences will encourage your toddler to try and repeat the same sentence with you, at their age, they may not speak the full sentences clearly, but it will be stored in their memories which they will retrieve one day and speak just the same.

3 # Buy Gadgets which Encourage your Toddler to Speak

Here we are not talking about regular toys for toddlers like board or musical games. We are talking about new age gadgets like Google Home, Amazon Echo. My Baby love to say OK Google, and command it to play her favorite song and rhymes in her cute tone (with an accuracy of 30%.) These interactive gadgets will help and encourage them in developing their speaking skills.

4 # Speak the same things at Different Places

While trying to develop the speaking skills of toddlers you should try teaching the same words at many different places, for example, if you are trying to teach shape’s name (triangle, square, arrow, etc). Then you should practice while he is playing with his toys of different shapes, also you should practice it by showing him different shapes of boxes in a mall or stones in the playground. This will help him recognize shapes and their respective words correctly and which will help him speak/ learn that word forever.

5 #Try to Have Long Conversations

Try to have a sensible and meaningful conversation with your child. Once you are complete with your sentences wait and hear what your toddler has to say. Good conversation with your child means a good start in developing his speaking skills. Engage your toddler in a long conversation and in between encourages him to repeat the words after you.

We must have noticed in playschools and playing area that some kids are very talkative while others are very quiet, in most of the cases this is credited to their parents and their behavior around their kids. Parents who engage regularly in meaningful communication with their kids find their kids showing similar behavior with other kids/elders.

6 # Allow Him to Speak in His Own Language

Toddlers communicate in their own language so we should not stop and interrupt them when they are telling you something and trying to strike a conversation in their own cute language. These conversations will build their confidence and encourage them to speak even more in the future with you and with others.

Some parents stop their kids in between and try to correct them every time when they are trying to say something in their own language which is not correct as it will impact the confidence of those young minds.

7 # Encourage him to Speak Big Words

You might be thinking does your toddler is smart enough to understand those Big Words. Oh Yes! These days toddlers are very smart and intelligent they will not only memories big words, but also surprise you by speaking them when you expect the least. You just need to be a little patient while teaching those big words, try breaking the word into 2/3 pieces and speak very slowly in the first few tries, you will be surprised just over 2/3 attempts how quickly your kiddo grasps it and repeats after you.

8 # Allow your Toddler to Play and have a Conversation with Bigger Children

Little older kids are always a big help in fast development and learning of younger kids As young kids want to do the same things and want to speak just like they see those older kids are speaking.

So they start learning words and speaking very quickly, we would have noticed that toddlers with older siblings are quicker and better in their speaking and overall development as they are learning from their older siblings all the time as compared to kids with siblings.

We should encourage the interaction of toddlers with little older kids when we say older means age different should not be more than 2 years as higher age difference may not help much as much older kids may not attract the attention of these toddlers.

9 # Give your Maximum Time

Nothing will work if you are not spending Quality Time with Your Toddler. You & only you are the best trainers to develop your Toddler’s Speaking Skills. Whenever you are interacting with him,  be it while feeding, playing, changing diapers, in the car, the at the playground, try and speak loudly & slowly about things around him an example, red cycle, blue car, brown book, big toy etc, so that he knows that something new is there which he needs to learn and speak.

10 # Loudly Read Books to your Toddler

Reading is the best habit a Toddler can adopt from his parent, it plays a very important role in his overall development. Toddlers are too small to read for themselves, but they love to see the picture in books and they love to identify characters like Mickey Mouse, Disney, Goofy, Pluto, Rabbits, and Lion.

Make book reading a daily routine which will encourage toddlers to ask for that particular book with his favorite animals, also he will repeat after you and speak aloud the names of the characters in book-like birds, tree, apple, dog, etc.

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