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12 Tips for Good Parenting

Good Parenting

It’s easy to Become a Parent, but are you a Good One? What is Your Parenting Style? Are you on the Right Track? These are the Few Questions, which Every Parent must ask for themselves. Together, let’s discover and explore ‘How You Can Become a Good Parent’.

1 # Spend Time with Your Child:

Spending quality time with your child is the most important part of his emotional and physiological development. Your child understands the language of love and it’s important that you convey the same to your child by your actions. Spending Time does not mean that you have to sit next to your child and spends long hours. Your child only needs your love and support. You need to spend at least 3 to 4 hours a day with your child doing different activities like playing, writing, drawing, etc. Understand his needs and requirements, hear and understand his little stories in his own language. 

The time you will spend with your child is a building block of a strong relationship between the two of you. This will be a small step that will take you miles in his personality development.

2 # Encourage and Praise your Child’s Efforts:

Positive words are always like a blessing for your child. Parents should always encourage their children to do things which they hesitate to try. Parents need to understand that your words can change your child’s life and can create magic. Every child has a different attitude, thinking, and perspective. It’s up to the parents on how they want to mold their child’s mindset.

For example, if your child has a shy nature or has a fear of stage performance, your praising words and encouragement can play an important part in changing his nature. Maybe your positive attitude towards him and your strong confidence in him will help him to overcome this hesitation.

3 # Let them Learn from their Mistakes:

Don’t become an overprotective or overcaring parent, as a child might develop problems like lack of confidence and trust. Kids, who are overprotective by their parents, are scared from the inside to take any risk or try something new.

Let your child learn from his mistakes, give him the freedom to understand what is right and wrong by himself through mistakes which he is making in the process. Overprotecting and caring nature of yours will stop him from trying new things in life.

4 # Give them Good Values:

Good values only come from parents. You cannot blame your child if he argues or does not listen to you. It’s parents’ duty to impart good values in their children from day one (since birth). These days parents start teaching their Babies ABCs and 123 from their First Year, then why not teach them Good Manners and Values.

Good values start by making him respect others, have positive thinking and attitude towards life. Teach him one thing at a time and the best way to teach him is by example show him how to behave and handle different situations. Whatever you will teach your child at an early age will be permanently stored in his memories and makes him a good human in his life.

5 # Get Involved in their Day to Day Activities:

Do you know what your child’s daily routine is? Do you have an idea, where does he spend most of the time? These are the few questions, which will give you an idea about ‘How well you know your child’? If you know the answer to these questions, then you are on the right track. Otherwise, you need to make extra efforts to involve in your child’s life and have a friendly relation with him.

6 # Don’t Shout or Yell on Your Child Unnecessary:

Unnecessary yelling and shouting will only make your child more stubborn. Handling children is never an easy task for parents. Some children have an introvert in nature and on the other hand, some kids have extrovert nature. According to your child’s nature and behavior, you have to tackle him.

The Biggest Mistake few parents make is to yell, scold, or shout at their child, in front of other people or in public. Which, generally builds anger and frustration in your child. Therefore, try to control your anger and handle the situation carefully.      



 7 # Use Good Vocabulary:

A vocabulary usually developed with age, and it always stays with the person in the form of his personality. Parents should always focus on using good and big words when they are with their little ones. The Best way to add Good Vocabulary in your child’s life is through Reading. If your child loves reading books, then it will make your life easy. But, in case he does not like reading, then you have to focus more on verbal communication with him e.g you can make a daily routine of 30 min in which you will read a story to him.

8 # Speak Softly and Politely:

Mind your tone while talking to your child. It does not matter whether you have a Baby, Toddler, or teen at your home. Parents should always talk to their children in a soft and polite tone. The ways you will talk to your child, in the same way, your child responds to you. Try to include a soft tone and healthy words during your conversation with your child. Parents are the first example and role model of a child’s language you can very easily get to know what kind of language is being used at home by parents just by listening to their child in the playground.

9 # Give Him a Safe and Secure Life:

Safety is the major concern of parents these days. Whether you have a toddler or bigger child, in both cases their outdoor safety has become a major concern of parents. You must have noticed that these days, parents do not leave their children without supervision even for one second. And, this is happening due to an insecure atmosphere, crime, and many other bad influences.

Parents have the biggest job at hand when it comes to the safety of their kids, they need to make sure all the places he visits like school, playground, friends place, and stadium are following all safety protocols and have proper supervision all the time.

10 # Keep your Promises:

These days we have a very high expectation with our kids, we want them to keep all their promises like how much time for TV, how much time for studies /play, etc. We need to build trust in our kids by becoming a role model by making sure we always fulfill our own promises and never give an excuse for not doing anything.

Many parents think that it’s their right to blackmail their kids in doing something important by giving them some bargain, developing and making kids do things only for some rewards/in return is not a good practice to follow as this will not help in child overall personality development. 

11 # Give a Good Family Atmosphere:

Every child needs a calm, quiet, and joyful home environment to grow as a calm, cheerful, and happy person. It’s the job of the parent to make sure they prove a good atmosphere to their children by making sure no arguments, fights, and loud discussions are happening around their child. They should have loving and caring behavior towards each other and towards their kids.

Never underestimate observation capabilities even of small babies (6 months of age), they are able to understand your tone of voice, vibes, and tension in the room. So, it is very important that the home environment is controlled immediately after the birth of your first child.

12 # Be Your Child Role Model:

Generally, every child sees their role model in one of his parents. Especially, Girls, they see her role model in her father. Your child’s role model should be someone who inspires her, encourage, and build confidence in her. The person should have positive vibes and attitude towards life and someone who inspires your child to become a good person.

So if we want to make sure that our kids become a good person in life then we have to become a good person yourself. Kids are just a reflection of their parents.

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