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Online Buying Tips for New Parents (Tip #5/5)

Online Buying Tip No. 5 / 5

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Word of Mouth

We have discussed many ways to check product reviews on shopping websites through rating and stars, also forums, where users of that particular product discuss about the Pros and Cons of that product.

But the best way to find out about the product, its quality, its performance and reliability are always direct feedback from its real user and if that user is in your family/friends/known to you.

When any feedback given by a person you know than it is rated very high in terms of acceptability and any other mode of feedback cannot be considered reliable especially when it’s about our little ones.

Whenever you are unsure about any product or its quality do discuss with your relatives, friends and family members as they can share their own experience or experience with their friends which can be the best source of information.

Let’s Understand the System Run Behind the Word of Mouth :

> Word of mouth publicity is also used by many brands when they have community advertisement in which they provide free demo to someone in your community and ask them to share their views with locals.

> Even for big brands word of mouth publicity is considered the best tool to prove product quality in the market.

> WOM is the best tool in generating repeat sales and acquiring new customers.

> WOM is the oldest communication methods which go from one generation to another and, even old saying and belief are also transmitted using this method.

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