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12 Postpartum Essentials Every New Mom Should Buy for Themselves

When we talk about Postpartum Essentials, we are actually talking about the items Mother will need just after having a baby. You must have heard about the Hospital Bag, wherein you pack all the essential items, you many required for you and Baby. In the same way, there are few Postpartum Essentials, which you should consider to buy before the arrival of your Baby.

During the pregnancy phase, our attention is on Baby Care. For welcoming a newborn born, we decorate her room and buy all the essentials for her to give her a comfortable life. We actually, get the Baby Wardrobe ready with a lot of items, which may or may not be required. But, parents love towards their baby, make them do this. It’s perfectly fine, to buy things for your baby, but please don’t ignore yourself. Like Baby, Mother also needs a few things, which are very important for their care.

Whether you’re in Hospital or Home, you will need below Postpartum Essentials for your care. Please buy these products before the arrival of your baby, may in 7th Month of your Pregnancy, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable later.

1 # Abdominal Belt Binder

2 # Front Opening Nightgowns For Breastfeeding

3 # Dark Colour Pantiesof XLL Size (as desired by yourself)

4 # Nursing Bras ( Nos. 3 Minimum)

5 # Wet Tissue to Clean your Face

6 # Reusable Silicone Cotton Breast Pads: Breast pads, is required at the early stages of breastfeeding, to absorb the excess milk and protect your clothing from wetness and stains. Buying the Reusable Silicone Cotton Breast Pads instead of Disposable Pads.

7 # Sanitary napkin like a Whisper or Stayfree: To control the heavy bleeding after delivery for a few weeks.

8 # Nipple Cream 

9 # Slippers

10 # Loose Headbands or Clips

11 # Manual Breast Pump: This product help mothers, to get them relief from the oversupply of breast milk in the first few weeks after having a Baby.  Express the milk with the use of the Manual Breast Pump and Freeze the milk for later use. The Expressed Milk should be consumed within 1-2 days. 

12 # Outfits to take Baby and Mother back from Hospital.

Postpartum Essentials Every New Mom Should Buy for Themselves

1 # Postpartum Belly Wrap

Very Important item for Postpartum Recovery for Mothers.

Will give you good support on your lower abdominal.

An original basic belly wrap that helps tighten and shrink your belly, waist & hips post-pregnancy.

Easily adjusts to fit around the belly, waist, and hips to lose inches and look slimmer instantly

Provides comfort after C-Section, accelerates healing and helps minimize stretch marks


2 # Nursing Bra 

One-handed clips access without removing the bra. Easy drop cups for convenient feeding, easy to use and discrete nursing clips.

The nursing bra pads are removable. When sleeping, milk leaking, washing, detach the bra pads as you like.

The Nursing Maternity Bra accommodates the normal bust size fluctuations in nursing moms experience.

3 # Massage Coconut Oil

Post Natal Massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation and lowers stress hormones, bringing relaxation and stress relief.

It is also a great carrier for blending with essential oils. It can be mixed with other more expensive carrier oils. It’s excellent as a MASSAGE OIL and used in AROMATHERAPY RECIPES.


4 # Nursing Dress (Breastfeeding)

For Breastfeeding Mothers, it’s important for them to feel comfortable while feeding the Baby.

Buy good quality Night Dress, so that the Cloth does not harm the Baby Sensitive Skin.

Casual Half Button up with Fashion contrast V Neckline Maternity Dress Sleepwear, Make You More Casual and Convenient for Breastfeeding

5 # Breast Pump Manual

A most important item for Breast-Feeding Mothers, you should 100% buy this product for your safety.

Within 3 or 4 days, after delivery, you will face the problem of oversupply of Breast Milk, due to which you will feel the pain in your breast.


Compact, lightweight design of the pump body makes it easy to hold and position on your breast

6 # Sore & Nipples Care (Breastfeeding)

7 # Breastmilk Storage Bags for Storing and Freezing Breastmilk

It’s very helpful for Mothers, who go through the problem of oversupply of Breast Milk.

Mothers can easily pump out the milk with the help of Breast Pump, and storage the breast milk in bags for later use.

Lansinoh milk storage bags are BPA and BPS free and come pre-sterilized for quick and easy use. Convenient pour spout offers easier transfer into bottles.

Breast milk bag storage can take place in the fridge or freezer #babymommytime

 8 # Nursing Pillow 

Must-Have Product for every Breastfeeding Mother.

Easy to carry the baby and very comfortable in feeding the baby.

Can be used on Bed, Chair & Car.


9 # Washable Reusable Nursing Pads

To overcome the problem of leakage of breast milk, this product is very important.

For Working Mother, this product will help them to control leakage in-office hours.

Reusable Pads are better than Disposable Pads, cheap in price and easy to maintain.

10 # Sanitary Napkin

Long-Lasting Protection, especially very helpful in nights

You need big size pads to absorb more.

During Breastfeeding, you will have heavy periods.

11 #  Maternity Cotton Leggings Full Ankle 

Maternity leggings are made from the softest cotton and superior stretchy spandex to make sure you and your baby feel comfortable.

These comfortable over the belly maternity leggings have an invisible adjustable waistband which allows you to easily increase the fit so you can wear them all the way through your pregnancy.

12 # Maternity Panties Over The Bump 

High waist enough in the front over the bump will provide light support and warm for your bump

Full back coverage, no wedgies, stay in place all the time

Outer printed tagless label, keep you from suffering from annoying tag irritation or skin allergy, safe and comfortable

Premium pure white cotton lining(13*8cm), easy detection of unexpected spotting, and healthy

The stretchy and soft waistband won’t dig into your skin, and slip down




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