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Newborn Baby Stopped taking Breastfeed at Home

Newborn Baby Breastfeed Problem & Issues are very common these days. Just born Babies have born with great powers that as soon as mothers introduce them with Bottle feed, they start refusing the Breastfeed by their Mothers.

Breastfeed or Breastfeeding to Babies in the First Year is like a Huge Vaccination, which safe the Babies from Infections & Virus.

Reason behind Newborn Baby Stop Taking Breastfeed at Home 

(Feeding your cute little one is the toughest task especially in first few weeks) 

My First and Biggest problem after giving birth to my little princess was Breastfeeding. All of us were very happy to bring her home from hospital and had a huge welcome from our relatives and family members. Suddenly she stopped taking breast milk at home. In hospital she was doing fine and taking the breastfed in every 3 to 4 hours. I was very worried and starts panicking. What to do now? Call few friends of mine, discuss with mother in law but did not get the right answer or solutions. Then finally I called my doctor and she gave me some suggestions, which was very useful.

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I start doing lots of experiment with her, change her head position in different postures to give her support. Start struggling with her for about one to two hours to feed her so that she grabs the nipple in her mouth in right manner. Some people say keep her hungry for a while she will take it but nothing worked.


One of my friend mother told me to start feeding her from bottle, maybe she is not comfortable or still she is in learning mood or she does not want to do work hard.  I expressed my breast milk with the help of pump and start giving her in bottle. I thought she were more comfortable in taking milk from bottle and may not feel hungry. But guess what, she refuses the bottle completely. Wow ! what next I can do now ….. below is small tested and tried solution I have done.

Solution for Breastfeed:

Try to hold her close to you and press the nipple from two fingers and put her mouth close to it, this will help her to suck and grasp the nipple easily. Keep doing this continuously for 15 mins in a row. In case she is taking the breast milk for 5 minutes and gone to sleep, it is normal. Gradually she will increase her time; it may take 2 to 3 days for her to settle down. In case she is totally refusing then give her milk from silver spoon and bowl in between to keep her small stomach filled up. Please don’t give up, again start the work and feed her from breast. As babies always want easier way and don’t want to work hard.

I have tried the Nipple Shield so that she can easily latch it. Read lots of reviews online but practically it was not very helpful. Than after trying for 7 days in a row now she was comfortable in taking the breastfeed and it gives me pleasure too.


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