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10 Benefits of Reading Books to Toddlers

Reading Books

Making a Habit of Reading Books in your Kids Life is the Toughest Tasks, which every parent have to go through. Toddlers start showing interest in Books when they are 18 to 20 Months Old. It’s just that Parents has to give their little bit time to their Toddler, to build this habit. Moms can start Reading Books to Toddlers at Bedtime, this is the Best Time and Best ways to add Books in Toddler’s Life.

10 Benefits of Reading Books to Toddlers


1 # Kids Spend Less Time In front of the TV:

One of the best benefits of reading books to toddlers & kids is that they get less screen time as compare to other kids. Kids always want to be in front of the TV, if you ask them then they can easily spend the whole day without any hassle. It’s very important for parents to build this reading books habit in their kid’s life, to keep him always from electronic devices like mobile phones, tv, video games, etc.


2 # Help in Building Good Vocabulary:

When you read books to your kids, you have to read it a little bit louder. See, what happened small kids do not understand the meaning of all words, but they differently identify the words by its sound. The best part is that toddlers had a habit of repeating words, when you are reading books to him, try to tell him to repeat a few in-between words. It will help him to have a good command of English later, plus they will have good vocabulary.



3 # Kids Become Friendly with Books:

An early habit of introducing books in kid’s life makes both of them a good friend. It’s important that kids love books and books love him back. When they develop a friendship between them, then it’s easy of you to buy as many as books you want.

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4 # Reduce Mental or Physical Stress:

Oh! Yes, reading books really helps in reducing the stress in a kid’s life. These days many kids do not go outside to play. They spend maximum time in their house and that also in front of the TV. Sometimes as a parent we build so much pressure and stress in a kids life, which we do not see or notice. Actually, as a parent, we demand or expect lots of things from them. Like we want them to be a perfect kid, start comparing him with other kids and force him to do things which we want them to do.


5 # Develop a Habit of Reading Books:

When parents make a habit of reading books each day to their toddlers, the same habit is later adopted by the kids too.  Earlier reading books make them a good listener and a good person. When parents do not take time from their busy schedule and show interest in reading books to their kids, then later when kids start going to school they show less interest in studies as well as in books.

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6 # Improve Kids Memory and Intelligence:

Again books help a lot when it’s come to increase the kid’s memory skills. By reading books they have good visualization and creativity skills. It also helps kids to have good remembering power of words. It looks like Toddlers does not understand things, which is not true.

Whatever you are saying in front of them, everything is storing in their memory. That’s why experts say that baby brain develops very fast from 1 to 5 years, therefore, it’s important for parents to use this time and make it a success.


7 # Build Morals & Values in Kids Life:

When we talk about morals & values in our kids, what actually we want to say or mean. Actually, a moral means to identify the difference between good and bad things. Which means that by giving good morals to our kids, we are teaching them what is right and what is wrong. In the same way, a value means its own personality. How he looks at things and understands them.

Reading Books helps a lot in building goods morals and values in our and kids life. Try to read books which have good moral stories at the end.



8 # Improves Kid’s Imaginations & Creativity:

Toddlers have great imaginations & creativity skills. Sometimes they see an image beautiful things which we cannot see. Allow your kids to express whatever he is feeling, let him say whatever he wants to say if it does not make sense to you. This will help them in to identify them and encourage them to have more imaginations. Buy books which allow your kids to use his imaginations at the next level.


9 # Help in Academic Success:

As we all know that reading books, which 100 % help kids in school to have a good Academic. It will help to build a strong English plus good memory skills. Ever parents in the world want their kids to do well in their Academic, so to achieve that target parents have to do little bit hard work.


10 # Help in Good Speech:

Books help kids to understand and say clean words. They develop a clean speech at an earlier age of 3 to 4 years old. You may have seen that many kids do not have clear speech, whenever they say words they sound unclear. There is nothing to worry, but parents should read loudly and clearly in front of babies and toddlers. Never speech in kiddish language with kids, as this will create lots of problems later.

Tips for How to Read Books to Toddlers

> Buy Books which has Good Visuals & Pictures.

> Books which has Good Quality of Paper and Big Size of Pictures.

> Read a different kind of Books Every Day.

> Try to Read Little Bit Slow but loudly to kids.

> Make a Habit of Reading Books at Bedtime.

> Buy Books in which they can identify objects and tells you.

> Allow Your Toddler to choose which Book he wants to listen today.

> Buy Books with Good Pre School Rhymes

> Tell your Toddler to turn the page of books by his own.

> Make it as a daily habit

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