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Kids IQ : 10 Ways to Boost Your Kids & Toddler’s IQ

Kids IQ

How Important Is Your Kids IQ & Toddler’s IQ? Like any other parent in the world, you also want your child to be the brightest one. In the back of the mind of every parent, they are looking for ways to improve their baby or toddler’s mind.

From the first day when our child is born, we as a parent start our efforts to boost our child’s brain. We start preparing them for the coming competition which they will face in the future.

There is nothing in the world that is impossible; it’s just that parents need to give a little bit of attention to boost Toddler’s IQ or any Kids IQ. By just following a few things, you can easily achieve your target for boosting your Toddler’s IQ. But please remember that don’t overdo it or don’t pressure yourself for a kid. Every child has its own understanding and learning process, not every Child or Toddler can have a perfect IQ.

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Tips to Boost Your Kids IQ 

1 # Keep Talking to your Child in Full Sentences:

Don’t make this mistake, which most of the parents do. Parents and other family members generally don’t talk to babies in full & clear sentences. They used of breaking their own words into small phrases to call them, whatever you say your baby will capture in his mind and he will use the same words in your response.

That’s why many babies don’t speak in a clear voice or speak in the Tutali language. So, be very careful and always use a full sentence with a clear voice to help your child to understand your words, this will help him to boost his mind.

2 # Try to Talk to Your Child in Good English Language at Home:

Babies are too smart to accept and understand the words and language in which you are talking to them. Many parents talk to their kids in their home langue like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, English, French, etc. And you must have noticed that kids also find it easy to talk to their parents in their mother tongue.

Therefore, always speak in a good language in front of your babies or toddlers. When your baby is 3 months old, he starts understanding the words and phrases in which you talk to him. Good & High English language will help him later to speak those same words with good pronunciation.

3 # Use Long & Difficult Pronunciation Words:

Generally, parents talk or speak to their babies in short forms or with easy pronunciation words. Because we think that for babies it will be easy to speak those words. But it’s not true, your child will take some time but those words will be running in the back of their mind. Parents should always repeat those words many times in front of their children like a recall system.

Kids till the age of 5 years have a great potential of learning everything quickly and easily. Therefore, parents should not ignore those starting 5 years to boost their child’s brain and mind. This will also help you and your child with preschool admission.


4 # Buy Toys that will Boost your Kid’s Mind:

These days many toys are available in the market for babies from 6 months onwards which are very good for baby brain development. Buying toys does not always mean soft toys, musical toys or plush toys, etc.

Parents should buy toys that are beneficial for their toddler growth. Buy blocks or maths concepts toys that are different to build. Give them pattern games in which they have to use their mind. Sit with your toddler or child and play with them. Try to make the whole thing into a fun play, this will get your toddlers involved in games.

5 # Read Good Informative Books:

Start reading picture or musical books with your baby when she is 6 months old. Baby will not fully understand the words but those pictures in the book will enhance his brainpower. When your baby turns into Toddler, his interest in books will increase. And slowly books will become a good friend of your child. Books play a very important part of a kid’s life.

6 # Keep Checking your Child’s Memory through Small Tests:

What mistakes parents do is that they teach their kids alphabetic, counting, rhymes, etc but after some time they forget to repeat the same. It’s very important for parents to at least once in a day ask them to repeat the alphabet, counting, color names, shapes names, etc, it will help them to recall.

7 # Recall his memory by giving repeated inputs and asking them to repeat the inputs back, this will help child’s memory to get sharper.

8 # Counting through Fingers can be the First Step to Teach Maths:

Many parents don’t use this concept anymore, as they considered it old fashion. But do you know that finger counting is the easiest and most important way to teach numbers & maths?

Toddlers or kids find it exciting and will take an entire interest in learning numbers. Parents should try this concept and see its benefits from their own experience.

9 # Give them to solve puzzles when they turned 2 years old:

Don’t think that your baby /toddler is too small to learn or explore all this. It’s not that as a parent you are pushing your child too earlier, that’s not the situation. You must have heard that kids till the age of 5 years have great potential for learning things and that too very fast.

Therefore, as a parent start giving your toddler all the information beforehand to help them to boost their brains.

Below are Few Games That Will Help Toddler’s IQ to Boost 


   > Abacus: Helpful in learning counting and numbers. 

> Alphabets Floor Puzzle Foam Mat 

Introduce this toy when your kids start joining two objects together. This will help them in hand coordination and also identify the alphabetic.


 > Blocks (Lego & Jenga etc) 

Hand-Eye coordination improves


 > 3 or 4 sets of Puzzles 

Puzzles Games help a toddler to think and develop strategies

   > Map Puzzle 

Help Toddlers to start to identify the names of countries, you can start telling them to identify first by colors and then by names.

> Animals, Fruits, Flower Charts 

> Modelling Clay 

> Tool Set 

> Missing Puzzle 


Foods That Help Your Toddler’s IQ to Boost

Yogurt – Babies need fats in their diets for proper growth.

Fishes – It improves babies vision & focus and enhances immunity.

Broccoli – It’s a good source of vitamins K and C and good for body tissue and bone.

Milk – We all know the best sources of calcium. 

Chicken – Rich in healthy protein, and phosphorous, it has many health benefits.

Avocados – have more nutrition than any other fruit, nutrients included folate, fiber, potassium, vitamin E, and iron.

Eggs – Omega 3 fatty acids for learning, and protein for growth

Oatmeal – It’s rich in fiber and gives energy that your kids’ bodies and brains 

Nuts – One of the best products for kids, it has all the nutrients which help kids to grow and learn perfectly.  Give Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Peanuts, etc to kids for a good and healthy life.


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