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10 Reasons Why Baby Refusing Milk from Bottle

Refusing Milk

Many Moms face this problem of Baby refusing milk from Feeding Bottle. And this situation, normally comes in Baby’s First Month. There can be a many reasons behind it, which is not understandable by many mommies.

Amy has a beautiful daughter and she face this problem of her Baby refusing milk from Bottle. She was one of the those mom who give more emphasis on Breastfeeding as compare to bottle feed, which is really good. But as she was a working mom,she faced lots of problem later when she was getting herself ready to join work. She has tried everything in the world, to get her baby to drink milk from bottle. But unfortunately, her baby does not accept the bottle at all.

Here, we are going to discuss about reasons behind it and few tips which will help parents to get their baby a habit of drinking milk from bottle.

10 Reasons Behind Your Baby Refusing Milk from Bottle

# Late in Introducing the Bottle to Newborn Baby:

Sometimes what happened that moms gives so much importance’s to breastfeeding, that they get late in introducing the feeding bottle to baby. And till then baby gets used to mother’s milk so much that they start refusing milk from bottle.

# Not given Formula Milk from Bottle in First Week:

Babies are too smart to understand their mommies milk taste. Lots of people say that babies do not have a taste bud in starting, yes that’s true. But babies has god gift by which they can identify between the mother’s milk and formula milk.

Once babies got the taste and habit of having breast milk, they start refusing milk from the bottle on the spot. Therefore, it’s important for mother to give a taste of formula milk to babies, so that they can like it. Otherwise later when there will be a less supply of mother’s milk, your baby will face the problem.

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# Not Given Regularly & Frequently:

In case you notice that your baby is not excepting the bottle, than mother should start giving them bottle more regularly. It will not be easy for mothers to do this job. Amy has tried everything with her daughter, but she just doesn’t take the bottle in her mouth. It’s important that you start soon and give the feeding bottle more frequently to baby.

# Taking Advice from Inexperienced People:

When moms start facing this feeding issue, they suddenly jump and start taking advice from inexperienced people. Please note that every baby is different from other baby. If something has worked for one baby, then it doesn’t mean that same theory will work on your baby.

Try to understand your baby style and patter. What she or he wants, and believe me you will be the right person to figure it out. Just believe in yourself before asking others.

# Not given your 100 % Efforts and Given up easily:

Some moms give up easily; they do not want to try hard. The just sit back and want some miracle to happen. As a parent, both mother & father, both have to try to make their efforts. After all it’s all about your baby health.

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# Don’t Force Baby too Hard:

One of the biggest mistake parents do is that they force baby to have milk from feeding bottle. It is not possible at all in this way, baby will 100% refuse the bottle. Babies understand the language of love and unwanted force. Please don’t forcefully put bottle in baby mouths, try different style to open babies mouth. Like tap near baby mouth and softly give her bottle.

# Not Taken help from other Family People:

When you get tired of trying and have done everything to get your baby and still baby is refusing milk, then consider taking help from others. As people say that babies who are used to breast milk, does not take bottle from her mother. Therefore, tell other people to try in feeding your baby from bottle. You can ask you in-laws, husband, friends etc, for help as there is anything wrong in trying.

# Not given the Bottle at Right Time:

People do not understand that timing really matters in this case. When your baby is in his full senses, she will differently refuse the feed from bottle. Mother should try to give bottle to babies, when they are sleep. Earlier morning will be the best time around 4 to 5 am. It will be little bit tough, but mothers have to take this pain. Keep changing your baby bottle feeding time, as per your requirement.

# Used Wrong Postures & Position:

Many moms do not know how to hold the baby while feeding. Bottle feeding is an art, which many moms should learn. You should hold your baby near to you and hold baby head little bit in up position and then put the bottle in baby’s mouth. Just remember that baby’s head should be in up position not too low. Otherwise, in lower body position, baby will find it difficult to drink from bottle.

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# Addiction of Mother Milk:

Babies have a huge addiction of their mother breast milk. Some babies do not adapt the bottle at all, they just relay on mother’s milk. Therefore, mothers should try to introduce bottle to baby at time, to avoid this situation in their life.

Tips to Give Milk from Bottle

Below are the tips which can be used on babies who are Refusing Milk from bottle. Plus these same tips can be used by mother, who earlier your baby has expected the milk from bottle, and suddenly refusing it.

# Introduce baby with the Bottle in first week.

# Try to give bottle once a day, so that baby can easily accept the bottle.

# Don’t forget to repeat giving the feed from bottle. If you want you can give the bottle to baby in 2 to 3 days.

# Don’t force your baby to take the feed from bottle, they will become more stubborn and get angry. And will never accept the bottle again.

# Mother can express their milk from breast pump and give the same milk through bottle to baby. May be they does not like the taste of formula milk.

# You can play a trick with your baby, first give your baby milk from breast and suddenly put the bottle in her mouth. The transition should be so smooth that baby does not understand it. You can try this many times in a day.

# You can give the bottle to baby when he or she is in good sleep. Like in earlier morning around 4 to 5 am, when baby is hungry and does not use her mind.

Other Options How to Give Milk to Baby

# You can give the milk from silver bowl & spoon every day. Silver utensils are bacteria free and easy to maintain.

# Give her milk from bowl for at least 4 to 5 times a day.

# You can buy other feeding style bottle & cups from the market for trail purpose. And if your babies accept the milk from those bottles, then keep giving him milk from it.

# Add flavour in your baby milk, to chance the state of milk and smell. As babies are too smart, they identify the milk from its colour and taste refusing it just by watching it.

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