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Burping Newborn Baby: Frequently Asked Questions by New Parents

burping newborn baby

Burping Newborn Baby sometimes becomes very tricky for Parents to understand. Lots of parents are confused, but Burping Newborn Baby plays a very important aspect of feeding a newborn born.

Below the Frequently Asked Questions by New Parents regarding Burping their Newborn Baby:-

Q) When to Stop giving Burp to a Baby?

A) There is no particular age to stop giving burp to your baby. You will automatically see the sign when your baby is growing her digestion system is also getting stronger. Generally, people say to give burp to a baby until he or she turned One Year Old

Q) Do I have to Burp My Baby after Feeding Solids?

A) Not really, you only need to give burp to your baby to get rid of Gas and Bloating issue. But when your baby is around 6 months and you have started giving her eating solid foods you don’t need to give her burp. But if you are offering a bottle along with solids you need to give burp. Click Here to find out, what products you need to Bottle Feed your Baby.

Let me answer it in a simple way:

> Burp is not required after Solid Food

> Burp is required after every bottle feed and breastfeed, till your baby turned one year



Q) Do I have to Burp my Baby after Every Feed?

A) Yes, it’s important. Normally Breastfeeding Babies does not need much burping as compare to Bottle Fed Babies. The reason behind this is, that Babies who are on Bottle Fed trend to swallow more air during feeding. That’s why it’s very important to burp your baby after every feed. It will just take 5 minutes of yours but it will help the baby in good digestion.

Q) How many times should I Burp my Baby?

A) Bottle Feed :

If your baby is on Bottle Feed, give her burp at after he or she finished the half bottle approx around 60 to 80 ml. This will help your baby expel gas by burping. Use the Bottles, which are recommended by the experts in the Baby’s First Year. Click here to see the full range of Feeding Products, you need for your Baby.

B) Breastfeed :

If your baby is on Breastfeeding then give her burp after every feed. Please note one thing when you are changing the breast gives the burp in-between. Let me explain in detail:-

>  Baby will take feed from one breast not more than 10 to 15 minutes in a row at each breast

>  When you switch or move your baby from one to other breasts, give the burp in-between.

>  After you finish feeding her from one breast, give her Burp before switching her on other breasts.

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Q) What if My Baby Won’t Burp after Feeding?

A) If your baby doesn’t burp at all, don’t worry, some babies don’t swallow the much air, it means that they aren’t getting a ton of air or overeating. Maybe your baby is passing gas more frequently.

How to Give Burp to Newborn Baby

(Different Positions)  

1 # On Shoulder – Keep your baby on the shoulder and gently pat or rub the back with your other hand. Move your hand softy from bottom to top and pat or rub her back. Please keep your one hand on baby head and back for support.

2 # On Your Lap – Place the baby on her stomach on your lap and pat her back. Keep her face towards your feet & legs near your waist.

3 # Sitting Position: Keep your baby in a seated position on your lap & start patting her back. Hold baby by one hand & use another hand for pat.

4 # Start Walking: Keep the baby on the shoulder and start walking around the room it helps move the gas trapped in the babies.

TIP: Always keep your Baby in an Upright Position for at Least 10-15 Minutes to Give Burp, Don’t change the Position Fast.


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