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Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Swimming Pool

Summers are Best spent at Pool Parties and Pool Outings. Kids especially young kids love to say in the water for longer times as they like to play in the water with their Friends and Siblings.

Parents need to make some strict rules and define some key steps whenever kids are around the pool area, to keep kids safe and sound.

Following are some of the key points which you need to remember when you and your kids are around a pool.

1 # Parental Guidance

Never Leave Your Child Alone or unattended near the poolside. Whether you have a toddler or a grown-up child, in both cases you need to be extra cautious and attentive around the pool.

Strict rules should be made and enforced when kids are around the pool, and no exceptions should be granted in many cases. This will make our kids understand that they have to follow all rules and safety procedures. Example – No Pushing, No climbing on each other,  No ropes in the pool, etc.

2 # Water Level

Always check the depth of the pool before allowing your kids to play in the pool, especially if they are going to a swimming pool that is new to them. Depth should not be higher than 3-4 feet depending on the type of pool and age of kids.

Kids normally visit pools in schools, a friend’s backyard, or in some amusement park, a parent should ensure that pool in which your kids are planning to must be checked for its depth.

3 # CPR

Every kid should know and practice CPR. These days most of the schools provide training on how to perform CPR on a person who got unconscious in the pool.

Swimming Pools located at community centers have a full-time lifeguard, whose job is to respond immediately in case somebody is drowning or in trouble. They are well trained to perform  CPR and other Treatment. But, in the case of Home Swimming Pools, it’s important for parents to learn and teach their kids about the 7 Steps of CPR and how to perform a set of chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation right away.

4 # Swimming Gear 

Buy the Right Sized Clothes and Gears: Always buy the swimming costume and accessories, as per our child’s age and size. For Boys, you can buy the Speedo or well-fitted swim trunks and for cute girls buy a one-piece suit. Actually, most of the fabric like cotton and others cannot be used in the swimming pool, as they hold the outside germs and bacteria, which can be released into the swimming pool water.

You can Buy these Gears from any Online Store or Shopping Complex

Kids love to stay long in the water, therefore accessories like a cap, earbuds, glasses and, etc are very important to use. Plus, if you and your kids love playing in the pool, then you can consider buying games like Hot Dog Battle Inflatable Float, Swimline Slot Slam Game, Pool Volleyball Game, UFO Spaceship Squirter, and Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller Floatetc.5 # Mobile 

Always keep your Mobile and Handphone ready, especially, when you’re swimming in your home pool with your kids. It will help you in case of an emergency. Keep the emergency numbers handy with you. Also, instruct your kids not to use or go to the swimming pool, until there is one adult in there in the house.


6 # Safety from Electricity

Don’t Keep any loose Electrical Appliances near the poolside: avoid keeping any electrical items near the pool area. And, try not to left any loose electrical points. We all know that water and electricity never go together. In case you cannot move the electronic items, then try to cover the electronic item properly, that it does not give any shock to anyone.

7 # Extra Precautions

No riding toys, tricycles, or slippery things should be allowed near the poolside, as these may cause serious trouble around the pool, kids try and do a lot of stunts in the pool, which should totally be avoided.

8 # Check the Home Pool Drain Safety System

Many people don’t think about it or sometimes ignore its importance. It’s important that you have an automatic pump shut off, otherwise, it’s too strong that it will pull any things inside that comes near to it

9 # Always check Water Quality

Before letting your kids jump inside the pool, check when the last water is changed and cleaned. Also, the amount of chlorine/cleaning agent is used in water. As dirty water may invite lots of waterborne infections in kids like Skin Infections, Stomach Aches, Itching in Eyes, Dry Hair, etc.


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