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10 Unsafe Foods During Pregnancy

Unsafe Pregnancy Foods

10 Unsafe Foods to Limit or Avoid During Pregnancy

Consuming Unsafe Foods During Pregnancy increase the chances of Food Bore Illness in Mother and Baby due to weakening the Immune System. 

1# Liver

 The liver is extremely unsafe for pregnant women,  it contains high amounts of preformed vitamin A or retinol. And, if vitamin A is consumed in high quantity it can lead to birth defects. Therefore, it’s advisable to limit your intake of the liver during pregnancy to 75 grams per week. 

2# Fish Liver Oil Supplements

They are also not safe during pregnancy.

3# Sprouts

Stay away from raw alfalfa and mung bean sprouts as they can carry dangerous bacteria.

4# Sugar Substitutes

Artificial sweeteners are fine occasionally, but avoid taking food and drinks that are made with sugar substitutes. 

5# Deli Products

Ready-to-eat meats such as bologna, roast beef, ham, and turkey breast should only be eaten steaming hot. C

6# Soy Supplements

Soy supplements are not safe during pregnancy, but yes you can take Tofu, unsweetened fortified soy beverages, and foods.

7# Caffeine

 You must have heard this earlier too, but if you’re fond of caffeine, you need to limit the intake, otherwise consuming it in large quantities is unsafe for your unborn baby. And, not recommend to the breastfed mothers too. 

8# Cheese

Unpasteurized soft and semi-soft cheeses like feta, Brie, Camembert, blue-veined contain bacteria that are dangerous during pregnancy. If you can’t resist it then preferred to cook them to at least 74°C (until they’re steaming hot). 

9# Tap Water with Lead

Flush your taps for a few minutes until they run cold each morning. Use cold water for drinking and cooking, as hot water can carry more lead.

10# Avoid High in Mercury Fish

Limit your intake of tuna, shark, marlin, escolar, orange roughy, and swordfish (Only 2 servings are recommended in one month).



Food Safety Tips for Pregnant Women 

From the Bacteria and Parasites


Source: British Columbia- 7th Edition

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