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5 Reasons Behind Taking Folic Acid before Pregnancy

Folic Acid
Why it's Essentials for Childbearing Age Women to take Folic Acid before Pregnancy and How its Save you and your Baby from various kind of Complications during your Pregnancy Period
Taking Folic Acid before pregnancy is going to be your’s most Intelligent Decision ever. When women decided to have a baby, it gets very important for her to take care of their Health and Body. To have a Healthy Pregnancy, you need to keep your body ready for all kind of changes you’re going to face during your pregnancy.
Lots of women who are planning for a baby, give more emphasis on tracking their Most Fertile Days (ovulation days) in the month, Following the Exercise Routine and even change their Food Habits and Lifestyle, etc. It’s great that these days ladies are taking Pregnancy seriously. All this is very good but do you know that taking one single folic acid every day before pregnancy can change lots of things for you during your pregnancy phase.
We would like to advise you to go for a Pre-Pregnancy Checkup for a Healthy Pregnancy. And, discuss with your doctor about the benefits of taking folic acid every day and other vitamins too. It may help in decreasing the incidence of the neural tube.

How Much Folic Acid to Take and Why

Do you know that Taking folic acid both before pregnancy and during the first trimester of pregnancy can reduce the risk of neural tube defects by up to 70%? And, as per WHO you can take 5 mg folic acid daily and there are no side effects of it on your body. While taking folic acid before pregnancy, you should consume the food intake of folate.
Its recommended by the experts (ACOG), that all women of childbearing age must consider taking a vitamin with 400mcg (0.4 mg) of folic acid daily, as lots of pregnancies in the world are unplanned. As it reduces the risk of neural tube defects, the defects in the development of a baby’s spine and brain.

Benefits of Taking  Folic Acid Before Pregnancy

List of Foods that are Good Source of Folate (Folic Acid)

Many women include good sources of folate foods in their diet for natural intake.

Why Some Women need a Bigger Dose of Folic Acid 

If you have had a previous complication in your pregnancy due to the below reasons, then you need to increase your dose (discussed with your doctor first, before taking the bigger dose):-


Your One Smart Discussion of taking One Single Folic Acid Tablets before Conception/Pregnancy can save you and your unborn Baby from various Birth Defects. 



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