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Is It Safe to Take Alcohol If I Am Pregnant?

Don't Mix Alcohol and Pregnancy - FAQs

Alcohol and Pregnancy – Once the Women’s found out that She is Pregnant, she should immediately stop the Consumption of Alcohol and Smoke. Many Pregnant Ladies are much aware of the Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol Before and During pregnancy, but still, they play with their Body and Mind. It is advised that Pregnant Ladies must read about the Dos and Don’ts she needs to follow during her pregnancy. And, get herself aware of some  other common questions asked by pregnant ladies in different category like 

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In the same way, women should also start reading about safety concerns regarding drinking Alcohol. Stop playing with your and baby health, it’s not a game. It’s about your coming Baby Safety. Don’t get into the game – as many women think that drinking Alcohol in less quantity would not affect the baby, but it’s not true. Your focus must be on stopping it the right way as compared to manipulating your brain. There is no Alcohol brand or a particular quantity that is safe in pregnancy.

Below are the Few Questions (FAQs), which you should read about the Alcohol and Pregnancy Relation:-

Q1 ) When did you need to Stop Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy?

The day you decided you want to start your family, should be the last day of your alcohol. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man, in both cases you need to stop drinking before you conceive. It would be a greater idea if you start lowing down your drinking level (drank small amounts) of alcohol so that you can slowly and steadily stop drinking.

Stop your research work and taking advice from other people about the safest way to drink alcohol during pregnancy. As we said there is no safe amount or level and it’s better to stop drinking alcohol right away.

Q 2 ) Does Drinking Alcohol Affect your Unborn Baby?

Your unborn baby will be at higher risk at:-

 Q 3 ) Is it Safe to Breastfeed your Baby if you’re on Alcohol?

 It’s not advised to drink while Alcohol when you’re breastfeeding your baby. The reason behind saying no to Alcohol is because Alcohol can pass into your breast milk and it will affect your baby health and growth



 Q 4) Is there any Safe Quantity or Amount of Alcohol, which can be consumed in pregnancy?

 The answer would be ‘Big No’ there is no safe amount/level or quantity to drink Alcohol in Pregnancy. No doctor or pregnancy expert would advise you to drink Alcohol during and after pregnancy. As you are at a higher risk of giving birth to a baby with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Your One Drink per day can cause your baby born with FASD. 

 Q 5) What is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

 FASD is a disorder in which babies who are born from drunk mothers, are at a higher risk of many disabilities like physical, mental, emotional, and social. And, this is only because of Baby’s exposure to alcohol while in the womb. These Babies find it difficult to understanding and learning processes.

 Q 6 ) What Kind of Alcohol can you drink?

There is no safe brand or company when we talk about drinking alcohol during pregnancy. actually, all type of alcohol like Whishek, Gin, Vodka, Beer, Wine, Coolers, Cocktails, etc, all contains alcohol that can affect you and your baby growth during and after pregnancy. 


After reading all the above, Questions who must have realized the Danger of consuming Alcohol during Pregnancy for you and Baby. The Moral of the Story is – If You Want a Healthy and Intelligent Baby, you need to compromise on your Habits for some time. We’re are saying you to stop drinking alcohol forever. But, yes for your Child’s Bright Future and Good Health, you can sacrifice for a while. 

Whenever you think about drinking Alcohol in your Pregnancy, just think about its extremely dangerous side effect which can lead you to lose your Baby Too.


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