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Baby Senses are way Beyond 6 Senses

Baby Senses

Baby Senses are beyond One’s Imaginations, they are even Beyond 6 Senses. Babies are Born with many Qualities & Capabilities that Parents may not Know. There are many unknown things that Baby can do.

One Cannot Even Think and Imagine How Powerful and Supernatural these Baby Senses are there in Babies.

Imaging a Bluetooth device which disconnects immediately once out of range or imagine a heat coded 007 movie scene in which safe can only be unlocked by body temperature of only one person. Imagine a super dog, who can detect his master even in sleep when he is around, imagine a world’s most sensitive sensor which can detect and track movement.

Babies’ Senses are 10 Times more Powerful than all the Senses, we have Ever Imagined.

Below are Few Baby Senses, which every Parent Should Know :-

1 # Proximity Sense

Babies knows exactly when their moms are around and when they are not even in their sleep, and even if u r not visible in room they have a Bluetooth kind of connection with their parents specially moms. As soon as you try and leave the room in which your baby is sleeping, he will suddenly start feeling uncomfortable and start moving their hands or legs and best thing they do is crying part.

2 # Heat Signature

Babies know their moms hand and their temperature even when they are not watching on in sleep. This happens many times with me also, when even my husband keeps a hand on sleeping baby she gets to know and start her legs/hands movement to show dad go away and call mommy.

3 # Movement Sense

Babies know exactly which movement they want before they go to sleep in their parents/grandparents lap/pram.

Example: When you take your baby on shoulder or in your hands and start walking for a while and suddenly you stop and sit on bed or chair. But still you are moving or tapping you is to keep showing your baby a movement. But then also your baby senses will tell him about the stop movement and she will start crying or open her eyes to check. You will leave with no other options but to walk or start the movement again.

4 # Heartbeats Sense

Many babies know heartbeats of their parents while they are sleeping or relaxing according to their parents touch and holding style. They listen and get use to hear and feel same heart pumping while in their parents lap. So even they are in deep sleep and you pass on them to other person they get to know and start being cranky

5 # Emotion Sense

Babies can know what emotion we are in and they also reciprocate same, if we are happy they are also happy, if we are tense they also show distress and if we are sad then same can be seen on their mood & behaviors. Many times when we are discussing something funny and launching at same time even babies in sleep starts to laugh in their sleep, just imitating their parent’s emotions.

6 # Taste Sense

Babies once tasted something good or bad they able to recognize and sense the taste by exactly their size, color and shape. And they will never try the same thing again in future, that is why it’s always very difficult to make babies eat something which they don’t like.

7 # Sight Sense

Babies can see so micro things & details that even we with 6/6 eye sight cannot see. They have excellent memories related to sight they can learn and understand maps in their brain, like where is their favorite swing, where is playground, where they can find puppies etc. They can also know their favorite food and can jump on them even by taking a glimpse of same.

8 # Sound Sense

All Babies have very sensitive hearing power they can hear all noises no matter how slow and far you are. They have very good sound senses like when you enter at the home after coming back or locking your car sound or knowing your whistle sound, they will identify you even in crowded playground, or able to recognize mom’s sound coming from phone receiver.

9 # Smell Sense

Babies have excellent smell sense they can register smells of their mom, dad and siblings so that even with closed eye they can know who are near and who not around. Babies love their mother’s milk smell and can easily relate to it and identify her mother.

10 # Touch sense

Most of the babies can feel different thing which looks extract same and make a difference, like what kind of doll they want, babies knows their moms touch with even closed eyes they can be calmed down by  touching their moms hand/tummy .

So we should not assume that babies are too small to understand anything, as per my experience and understanding babies knows more than what we can even think they knows. So we should always make sure that we should make and create ideal environment and conditions around them so that they grow up as happy and intelligent baby.

11 # Time sense

Most important and cute sense babies have is Time Senses. You must have experiences that whenever you leave the room or go outside the house for some shopping, your babies time sense start clocking. God has gifted babies and kids with so many wonderful senses.

The best example to explain it is – My daughter start waiting for me and guesses the time, as she knows that her mother is coming back from office every evening. #babymommytime

My Advice to all Parents are, please don’t stop your child to do anything which will help them in making their senses more strong.


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