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10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Baby


Babies are born Geniuses, and for sure, your baby is one of them. God has gifted him all the power and senses, through which your baby understands this world. Here are some Fun and Surprising Facts, which no one has ever told you before about Babies. 

10 Surprising Facts About Your Baby

Babies can Sense their Parent’s Emotions

Babies are born with greater senses to detect their parent’s emotions, they are born genius and can easily differentiate between happy and sad emotions. So, its utmost importance for parents to be in a good mood when they are around their babies. We must have noticed that when we are tense or irritated internally over something then our younger ones around us are also not in their best mood. Baby’s mood and behavior are a mere reflection of their parent’s mood and behavior. So, we should shake off that irritating feeling from office/work and be in a good mood before going near to our babies.


Babies can Recognize their Mother even by Breast Milk

Your baby has greater power to identify her mother even from her breast milk even from Day One. Babies are born smart with supernatural powers to understand the things which matter most to them. By the time your baby is 3 to 4 days old, she will start recognizing her mother from her scent and taste of breast milk.

Babies to have their Favorite Toys

Babies after few months develop their own taste when it comes to toys. Every baby has their own taste and liking, some babies like music toys, coloring, gym, rattle, soft toys, or interactive toys, and once they start liking a particular toy than they will always keep that toy around them.

You must have noticed small Girls, Carrying a Teddy Bear with them everywhere, whether it’s a shopping mall, playground.

You must explore and understand which toy is the favorite toy of your baby, as they cannot speak by themselves. So, it’s your job to identify and make sure that it is kept with him/her all the time.


Babies can differentiate between an Argument and Normal Discussion

Parents should never underestimate their baby’s senses of understanding the vibes of their home, they can easily sense the tense atmosphere in the home. Parents should  avoid heated discussions and arguments, when they are around their babies, as it will seriously impact the emotional well-being of these young hearts.

Even small babies can be stressed by loud voices and long heated discussions, which may impact their physiological developments and result may not be shown immediately but in the long term. So parents should keep their tones and volume in check when around their babies.

Babies can Recognize Faces

Oh Yes! Your Baby can recognize their parent’s faces even when they are 3 weeks old,  small babies make facial cues of their parents (especially mother) based on their limited vision. Babies don’t have a clear vision in starting few weeks and their vision is limited to 12-18 inches only. As they grow their vision also expands and by the time they are  4 months old, they start recognizing their parent’s faces clearly. At age of 2, they start recognizing even their cousins and grandparents which they don’t meet on a regular basis.


Your Baby loves their Sleeping Pattern

Some babies love to take long nap in the afternoon and others loves their good night’s sleep. Again, it totally depends on your Baby. And it’s totally normal if same is changed in every few months, As when babies grow old in their sleeping pattern and timings also changes.

Working parents whose baby are sleeping at night are the luckiest of all :), as they get time to do other stuff once they are back from work.

We cannot change or alter the sleeping patterns of our babies, so just relax and plan other activities around the sleeping cycle of our baby.

Babies have great Hearing Power

Babies can even hear sounds that are not audible to us and for parents, it’s very hard to figure out what sound level can disturb their baby and her sleep. Some babies get up when someone walks into their room and some are unaffected by music played in their own room so hearing power and reactions to sounds are 2 different topics.

Every baby behaves differently to the same sound and young parents need to understand the same quickly. Please remember that baby’s ear canals are small and loud sounds can even cause permanent hearing loss.

So parents should keep the decibel level as low as possible around their kids and that’s why pediatricians don’t recommend taking babies to movies till they are 5 tear old

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Babies are Sharp Observers

Babies are very good observers, they  understand and start memorizing things easily from an early age and they can understand what is going on around them. Let me give you a small example, every day  my baby gets ready to do bye bye to her dad at 9.00 AM as she knows what is his routine and timings

Babies start observing their calling names (As different people call them by different nicknames) and from 6 month onward they start responding to their names. May be your Baby doesn’t speak or say a word yet, but still, they will respond to their calling names by smiling, nodding, or by speaking in a baby language (gaga, baba, tata….).


They have their own taste


Babies develop their own taste between the 7 to 8 Months. It’s not necessary your Baby will like the same food, which you or your family likes. She will have her own choice when it comes to food, maybe she like spicy or sweet food. Some experts say that babies can tend to pick and develop taste even when they are in their mother’s womb (yet to be proved).


Babies can Identify their Parents Touch

Just like babies identify their mother, from her breast milk and her scent, in the same way, they have a strong power to recognize their fathers/grandparents from their touch. You cannot fool even a 2 month old baby in this, they also can easily make the difference between the mother and father touch.

That’s why even with closed eyes baby gets all comfortable when she is in her mother’s Lap. That is the key  reason of many new parents that their babies won’t let them hand over them to another  person even when they in their sleep.

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