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Harmful Effect of Adding Sugar in Baby Food

Adding Sugar

Have you ever thought that Sugar can harm your Baby Health in the long run? One of the Biggest Mistake Parents make is to add sugar in Baby’s Diet before Baby is One Year Old. Or maybe Parents are not aware of the disadvantage of adding sugar in the baby food. One of the Biggest Disadvantages is that by introducing sugar in baby food will sooner replace the Mother Feed (Breast Milk).

Parents cannot totally avoid the sugar intake in Baby Foods, as lots of Fruits and Foods contain Natural Sugar in it. Once you start giving them solid foods to Babies, parents start worrying about their Babies’ Sugar & Salt intake. Actually, they should be to avoid unnecessary problems in the future. And it’s very important for parents to control their baby sugar intake to avoid obesity, tooth decay later in life.

Sugar is the other name or form of Carbohydrate. And its effect will be seen in Baby’s Life later. Some babies are born with Obesity, for them, any form of Sugar intake can lead to life-threatening.

Actually, refined sugar does not contain any nutrients value in it as compared to other natural sugar fruits which have good nutrients value with vitamins in it. Therefore, parents should always try to introduce natural sugar in fruits in the baby diet.

Side Effect of Sugar in Baby Food

According to WHO Organisation, you can give 2 to 5 teaspoons of Sugar per day to the One-Year-Old Baby. This means that only 5% of sugar can be added to the Baby Diet.

1 # Higher Consumption of Sugar means High Body Fat (Obesity) 

We all know that sweets are the biggest reason for Obesity in Kids. Genetic and hormonal changes in the body are the biggest reason behind the babies born with Obesity. And for other babies, parents’ mistakes make them obese. Many times parents ignore the babies’ unhealthy eating habits.

It’s very natural that if we expose our kids to sugar, chocolates, and other sweets foods items too earlier, it will affect the baby’s health. Therefore, for parents, it’s important to control and overlook the sugar intake in your baby diet. There are many ways you can stop or can give another option.

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2 # Sweet Tooth

Not only babies but almost all the adults are attractive to sweet flavored in food. As our brain always craves for more energy. Give foods that are not high in sugar to avoid sweet tooth.

3 # Call for Dental Care

Normally Baby’s Teeth begin to erupt at the age of 4 or 6 months. And this is a time when we introduce solid food to babies after they turn 6 months old. Therefore, for parents its get more important to take care of their baby’s dental issues & problem, to ignore any tooth decay in the future.

4 # Will affect Baby Body Nutrition

As there is no nutritional value in sugars it’s better to limit the intake of sugar in the baby diet. Avoid packed fruit juice, soft drinks, chocolates, cake, etc which doesn’t have any nutritional value but will only affect baby health. Try to give food nutritional value food to babies and that also homemade.

5 # Sugar makes Babies Hyperactivity

After the intake of sugar babies energy gets double. And they start doing many unwanted things. Especially if you give sugar foods to baby before bedtime, you will notice that it will become hard for you to get him or her sleep. Sugar triggers the baby’s senses and makes it hyperactivity.


6 # Sugar will change the Taste Buds of Baby

It does not mean that you stop give natural nutrition fruits to your baby. Actually, refined sugar is processed by many harmful chemicals and excess intake of sugar may depress your baby immunity.

Some babies are born with a problem of diabetes as a birth defect. And the reason behind this is maybe family history or maybe a mother has not taken proper care during the pregnancy period. You should be saying thanks to god for not giving this illness in your baby.

Now it’s your duty to take care of your baby and keep her away from any symptoms which can cause diabetes in later life.

7 # Poor Appetite

Babies who start liking sugar foods sooner will become a picky eater. They will start rejecting the baby’s good foods and will have a poor appetite.

8 # Effect of Baby Immunity

Sugar can easily depression baby immunity and can lead to many high-risk infection and disease in babies. It’s important to give good food and create good eating habits in babies for developing good immunity.


List of Foods Which Can Replace Sugar in Baby Food

Give Greek yogurt and add fruits in it

Apple sauce

Fruit Puree


Dates syrup

Dry fruits puree

Few Ways to Cut Down Sugar in Baby Food

Stop giving packed or canned fruit juice.

Control babies’ chocolates, cake, and pastries intake.

Totally avoid coke & soft drinks

Give biscuits or cookies with less sugar

Ignore giving sugar (extra) in baby formula milk.

No processed foods

Give babies homemade snacks

Give fruits which are lower in sugar like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pears, kiwis.

Don’t give fruits that contain high sugar like grapes, melon, pineapple, etc.


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