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8 Simple Ways to Change a Baby’s Diaper


What You All Need for Baby Diaper Change

  1. First of All, you need a Soft and Good Brand Diaper
  2. Buy the Diaper as per your Child Age 
  3. Always apply Diaper ointment before if the baby has developed a rash
  4. Baby Powder (optional), you can consider using this at the time of monsoons or wet weather.
  5. Changing pad or table 
  6. Wet Wipes or Cotton for Cleaning the Baby Potty. We would recommend you use a Cotton Swab instead of wipes, as wipes contain chemicals that can harm newborn baby skin.
  7. Water Bucket (optional) – you required the water bucket for dipping the cotton swabs in it for the purpose of cleaning the baby.

8 Simple Ways to Change a Baby's Diaper 
  1. Once Baby’s Diaper is wet, lay your baby on his or her back and remove the dirty diaper. It’s your choice whether you want to change the diaper on a bed or the diaper table. But in case you’re using a changing table, don’t forget to put the safety straps to prevent the baby from falling.
  2. Use the water, cotton balls, or the wipes to gently wipe your baby’s genital area clean.
  3. Changing the Boy’s Diaper, you need to be more careful because exposure to the air may make him urinate. 
  4. Changing the Girl’s Diaper, wipe her bottom from front to back to avoid a urinary tract infection.
  5. During replacing the diaper, always check if your baby has a rash or not and if you notice the rash immediately apply ointment.
  6. You can use the baby powder also for keeping the baby away from any kind of rash, especially during the monsoon seasons.
  7. Always throw the diaper directly to the disturb, to avoid the bad smell, and don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after changing a diaper.
  8. Please give at least half an hour diaper-free time to your baby, so that the baby skin gets some fresh air circulation.


How often Parents should change Baby’s Diaper?

There is no hard and fast rule for this, you have to keep checking your baby diapers in 2 to 3 hours. If you notice that his or her Diaper is almost full and looks too heavy, immediately change the diaper. there is no need to change the baby’s diaper after ever pee, as it’s not required because these days diaper quality is much better. you can use one diaper for 3 to 4 hours in a row, but only when the baby diaper is not full.

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