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Is Driving Car Safe During Pregnancy

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Big Yes, you can, there is no problem in Driving any kind of Car during Pregnancy. As I am a Working Woman, I have no other choice than going to my office every day by driving my own car. I have driven my car till my 8 months of pregnancy and I was very comfortable. It’s totally safe not in my opinion but also from the doctor’s point of view. Please consult your doctor first, as not everybody pregnancy situation is the same.

Problem Faced in First Trimester 

Some women are very lucky who don’t have Nausea & Vomiting problem. In case you are going through this problem than be careful. If you leave early in the morning for your office then while driving please keep one water bottle ready. In case you feel vomiting then pull off the car at one side of the road. Driving in the First Trimester is totally safe until your doctor has suggested you to stop.

Printable Do’s & Don’ts: First Trimester of Pregnancy

Problem Faced in Last Trimester 

When you are 7 or 8 months pregnant your growing bump will not allow you to drive comfortably. No one will tell you to stop driving but you are the best person to take a call. It’s safe till your belly does not touch the steering wheel but be very careful. Don’t press or apply the brake suddenly and try to drive in a good mood.

Do’s & Don’ts: Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Third Trimester of Pregnancy : Do’s & Don’ts

Can Bumpy Road Induce Labour Pain 

The major question in your mind especially when you are in the Last Trimester? According to gynaecologist doctors, the answer is NO. Unless labor is already starting on its own it will not actually start.

In what condition you should not drive

High-Risk Pregnancy

Low Lying Placenta

Gestational Diabetics

Weak Placenta

Swollen legs (you can again start driving when your legs get normal)

Please enjoy your driving and listen to some good music which you and your baby can enjoy, maybe devotional ones.

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