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How to Wear Car Seat Belt During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy wearing a Seat Belt is important for you and your Baby is Safe. How to wear a seat belt during pregnancy is the question? Wearing a tight belt can give you discomfort and stomach aches. Try to wear the belt below your belly – as low as possible, to avoid the discomfort and any harm to the baby.

When I was 6 months pregnant, I cannot figure out how to wear a seat belt. I wasn’t comfortable driving and I always keep on adjusting my shoulder & lap belt by hand while driving, which is not right & safe. Then I discover a new way to wear the seat belt to avoid any discomfort, please see the below picture.

Wearing Seat Belt 

From First Trimester to Second Trimester – As per Traffic Rules




New Way to Wear Seat Belt in your Last Trimester

(From 6 Months Pregnant Onward)

> You can put the front below Belt Strap (Lap belt) behind your back.  So that the Lap belt will not give any pressure on your stomach.

> Some women wear the LAP Belt below the Bump/Belly. You can do that also but keeping the lap belt behind is easier & comfortable.

> Wear the shoulder belt as you were wearing it earlier.

> Only belt coming on the chest will come in front and below belt will go behind.

> This will give you full comfort and no tightness & no aching. 

> Please see the Below Pictures

> Check the First Trimester, Second Trimester and Third Trimester Safety Issue.



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Please note that the above style of wearing a seat belt is not as per Indian traffic rules.


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