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Do’s and Don’ts for Working Women During Pregnancy

Working Women

You must have heard about many Do’s and Don’ts for Working Women During Pregnancy. There are many people around you who have told you What to Do and What Not Do during your Pregnancy Phase. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for Every New Mom but how to have it Safe and Healthy is the Main Question. Below are a few points that have been never discussed or told online to Working Women’s. Check the Latest Dos and Don’ts for Working Women’s they should sincerely follow in Each Trimester of Pregnancy :

# First Trimester of Pregnancy

# Second Trimester of Pregnancy

# Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Don'ts for Working Women 

1 # Not to Disclose your Pregnancy News at Office too Early

You must be very happy and want to share your pregnancy confirmation news with everyone. But please don’t be in a hurry. Of course, it’s great news but you must know that everybody nears you in the office does not suppose to like you or have good feelings for you. Maybe because of this you may lose the chance of promotion or bonus.

Try not to disclose your pregnancy news till you complete your First Trimester or till the 5th month of your pregnancy. Some people show love & care in front of you and start bitching behind your back. To avoid those people try to not disclose your pregnancy news too early. And as per old tradition bad omen can affect your health, it’s superstition but there is no harm to follow it.

2 # Never thought of Quitting your Job

Do you know the doctor always advises working women, not to stop their work? Normally they say that women should work till the last date of delivery. Work will keep you FIT and HEALTH. It’s just that you have to manage your office and home, both your things together. Sitting back at your home will keep you inactive and which can create more physical problems in pregnancy.  So keep working and enjoy this beautiful phase of life.

3 # Keep yourself Stress-free

It’s not easy while working nowadays in MNC to be stress-free but it’s not impossible. The best way to keep yourself stress-free is to tell your Boss (after 3 months of your pregnancy) secretly about your pregnancy and tell him or her not to share. Taking your boss in confidence will help you a lot. And don’t forget to give him treatment for the good news.

Please don’t be a part of any hard conversation or fighting. Keep yourself away from all bad situations.

4 # Don’t Sit or Stand for Longer Period

Sitting and standing for a longer period will affect you and your baby growth. In both the situation you will feel tired at the end of the day and will feel it bit pain in the lower area. And by the end of the second trimester to will start having swollen feet, which is not good you’re your health.

In-office keep a stool of good height and rest your legs on it. It will help you to avoid swollen feet and will give you full rest while working on the desktop.

5 # Don’t Travel too much by Road or Flight:-

If your job demands lots of traveling than carry a few things with you which can relax you. Don’t take heavy bags or luggage with you, wear comfortable clothes & shoes.

Just be a little bit cautious during your first trimester as chances of miscarriage are more during this phase. Try to take as much as rest possible. In case you cannot ignore the situation of traveling then prefer your second trimester. The best time to travel is in your second trimester.

6 # Don’t Wear High Heels

Wearing high heels during pregnancy is not a good idea at all. Many people around you must have told you to avoid high heels in the office or at home. Wearing high heels will give you joint pain, swelling in the leg, pain in the lower back are a few reasons you should avoid it. Just have a thought that while wearing the high held you fall or trip then what will happen to you and your baby. It’s not safe for both you and you can get injured which is not good. Therefore, avoid high heels until your baby is born.

Always wear comfortable shoes and give full rest to your feet.



7 # Don’t Forget your Prenatal Checkups

Normally working women are very systematic and they do everything in a planned way. So, they are very fewer chances of forgetting their prenatal checkups. As soon as you are sure that you are pregnant, you should take your first prenatal checkup appointment with your OB. Maybe there are a few issues that your doctor wants to discuss with you regarding your health or tests to check the baby’s health.

To keep track of your baby growth and development monthly wise it’s important to visit your OB and ultrasound doctor on time. And never hesitate to discuss anything.

It will be a better idea to make a small note and write all your questions in it, which you want to discuss with your doctor.

Never forget the first day of your last menstrual period; this will help you in knowing your due date for delivery. And every time you visit your OB, she will ask you the same question.

8 # Avoid Working Late in Office

During your pregnancy period, you should give your body full rest, to cope up with daily physical and emotional changes in your body. Working late or going out for a late-night office party will probably give you more stress.

Less rest and sleep will give you a stressful period during pregnancy and stress can affect your baby health and weight later. For a while please avoid working late and late-night office parties.


Do's for Working Women

1 # Check your Company Maternity Leaves Rules & Regulations

Every company has different categories of leaves like casual leave, sick leave, earned leave, maternity leave, and special leaves. Before applying for your maternity leaves who should know that in India now women’s get 6 months of maternity leave.

In case you want extra leaves after or before your baby born, discuss it with your HR Manager. Maybe he or she allowed you to combine any two categories of leaves together.

Always try to work till your last day of the due date, it will help of getting maximum leaves after delivery.

2 # Keep a Footrest under your Table

You must be wondering why we are suggesting you keep footrest under your table in the office. By doing this it will help your legs to get full rest and relax. This will help you not to get swelling in feet during your whole pregnancy.

Raising your feet will give support to your lower belly area and later in pregnancy it will help you more to feel your baby’s movements and kicks. You can keep two footrests together so that the height of the stool can be raised. Please tell your office boy to give you one extra footrest.

3 # Eat Fruits in every 3 to 4 hours

Make a habit of eating fruits in the intervals of every 2 to 3 hours in the office. Try to eat one apple and pomegranate every day it will give you high amounts of nutrients and keep your Haemoglobin in control.

If you have eaten good earlier or not but now is a time when you have to eat healthy and good nutritious foods.

In case your office boy does not allow cutting the fruits in office then tell your family member to pack the fruits in lunch boxes. You can have fruits in the morning and evening snack time. Eating healthy will help in your baby growth and a good weight at the time of delivery.

Just remember nutrition is very important for you and your baby are healthy. Therefore, eat whatever fruits and foods you like.

4 # Do some Online Research related to Labour Pain, Pregnancy Phase & Prenatal Exercises, etc

These days every woman’s, if it is housewife or working knows very well how to research online on particular topics or articles. Try to get as much as the knowledge you can get, it will help you in taking good care of yourself and baby.

Read new moms and experienced moms blogs related to pregnancy problems, baby development in the uterus and what to do and what not do in pregnancy, etc.

You will find many videos on what kind of prenatal exercises you should do in your home. You will find all your questions answered and that also very easily. So please don’t hesitate to do it.

5 # Check the Reviews of your Hospital Online

Before finalizing any hospital for your delivery, try to do a little bit of research. Normally we choose the hospital in which you go for your prenatal visit to see a gynecologist. But this does not mean that you do not check the hospital facilities and rate card.

These days you will get good and bad reviews of every hospital and doctor online. Just for your curiosity check what other people have to say about the hospital and after delivery services.

6 # Always Listen to Your Gut Feeling

Always believe in your instinct or intuition about your safe pregnancy and baby growth. Sometimes we do avoid and overlook the situations, which can be harmful to you and your baby.

If sometimes you don’t feel good about your health and in your third trimester you don’t feel your baby movements or kicks, and then don’t hesitate to visit or call your doctor on time. May nothing is wrong but sometimes you gut feeling we give you some indication which you should never avoid.

7 # Do Prenatal Exercise after Office

You are working women and you have less time for yourself. Or maybe you are too tired by the evening to do any kind of yoga or exercise. But this cannot be a reason for you to avoid prenatal exercise at home after coming back from office.

Prenatal exercise will help you to keep yourself healthy and fit during your pregnancy period. It will also support you not to have any back pain or other issues. It just that you need to take out 30 minutes in the evening to keep yourself relax and away from all pregnancy health problems.

There are many online videos for doing prenatal exercise at home. Kindly see hose videos it will help you a lot. Do you know many women take a class of parental exercise at the hospital just for themselves? So please take out some time from your busy schedule, this only you can do it.

8 # Wear Seat Belt in Car for Safety

This is a must for every woman if she is pregnant or not. Car safety is very important these days when you have so many cases of accidents registered. Always wear a seat belt during your journey and also not so tight on your stomach.

Keep water and a few other food items in your car if you feel carving.

Read our article on: How to Wear Car Seat Belt During Pregnancy 

                                     Is Driving Car Safe During Pregnancy

9 # Wear Comfortable Clothes

Try to wear loose clothes during the office; it will help you to relax more. Avoid wearing tight clothes because after some time you will start feeling uncomfortable and maybe some pain in the stomach or legs.


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