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Do’s and Don’ts: Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Welcome Mommies to the Second Trimester of your pregnancy. We hope you have enjoyed your First Trimester, and by now you must have started enjoying your Second Trimester of Pregnancy. Do you know that Second Trimester is to be considered to be the safest period during the whole pregnancy phase? All your problems like Nausea and vomiting must have been settled now. Now, you don’t have to worry about miscarriage or other dangerous issues related to your baby health.

The Second Trimester is the time for you to enjoy and take a rest. Now, you can eat whatever food you want and enjoy the tasty food, and also can try new cuisines. The second trimester is from week 13 to the end of week 26 and it’s the best & safest time during the whole pregnancy period. But, mommies, still there are few things which you should take care of in the second trimester too, for your and baby safety.

Before entering into the Third Trimester, there are few points which we would advise you to check…

# Third Trimester Do’s and Don’ts, just to take more precautions

#Foods to Avoid During Labor

# Pre and Post-Pregnancy Must-Have Products

We would also advise you to buy Pregnancy-related products, as we have earlier also said that it will help you in many ways to overcome all your pregnancy-related issues. 


Do's of Second Trimester

> Birth Class: Join a birth class in your hospital, you’re already going in. And, in case they don’t have this facility and you can join the classes at other hospitals too, It doesn’t matter, as the birth class doesn’t have to be connected with your labor. It really helps you in making your mind towards normal delivery or c-section.

> Click Picture of Your BellyStart taking pictures of your belly and after every 2 weeks keep updating your portfolio.

> Talk to your First Child: Talk to your First child and always share your feeling and baby moments with him or her. Keep your older child involved in your pregnancy journey. This will help him to love the baby more lately.

> Sleep on your left side.

> Have Balanced Diet: Keep an eye on your weight and always have a balanced diet.

> Buy Comfortable Maternity Clothes: These days lots of brands and online stores provide you with lots of varieties and reasonable. Wearing comfortable clothes will help you and your baby.

> Start Prenatal Exercise: Join a prenatal exercise class at your hospital or start doing light exercise or Yoga at Home. You can refer to as many videos from YouTube which will teach you how to do safe exercises at home.

> Sit in Straight posture: If you are a working woman or stay at home, always try to sit in a straight posture to avoid back pain.



> Control for Hemoglobin: In the winter season you will get lots of options in fruits & vegetables like Pomegranates, Beetroot, Carrots, Oranges, etc. Which will help you to increase & control your Hemoglobin? You can combine them all and have one glass every day or thrice a week.

> Start walking and make it a habit.

> Avoid Swollen Feet: If you are a working woman, put your Leg on a high raise stool in the office. This will help you from swollen feet.

> Eat Health: Don’t think about what is right or wrong; just eat food which you like.

> Interior Change: Start making lists of things that you need to change in your home after the arrival of the baby.

> Moisturizing your belly to avoid stretch marks.

> Ask your doctor for Iron deficiency medicines.

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Don'ts of Second Trimester

> You should avoid sleeping on your tummy

> Avoid taking Self Medication; always consult your doctor first.

> No High Heels ladies now, please avoid.

> Try not to sit in one position for a longer period. Keep moving in every one hour to avoid swollen feet.

> Don’t hang your legs for a longer period. Try to keep your legs on some raised platform.

> No excess exercise – It causes bleeding, which is not safe or may cause miscarriage.

> Don’t forget to wear a seat belt.

> Control your caffeine’s: It’s not that you should totally avoid the caffeine, but excess use of caffeine can affect your baby’s organs, growth & development.

> Avoid alcohol and smoking it’s extremely bad for your health.




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