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Twins Baby Care: 10 Tips for New Parents for Raising Twins

Twins Baby

Congratulations on having Twins Baby. For Parents, it’s a movement of double celebration in the family. Having a twins baby means double happiness and responsibility. In taking care of Twins Babies, Parents need lots of Patience and Courage to deal with their daily requirements.

It’s extremely important for Twins, Parents give extra attention and care to both the babies. Raising a Twins is going to be a big challenge in front of parents. But, there is nothing to worry about, as we will discuss here how parents can take care of their twins from Hiring a Nanny to make a schedule of Feeding and Sleeping Time.

How to Take Care of Twins Baby

1 # Hire Two Nannies for Your Twins:

With the twins, it’s going to be a totally different experience in handling them. Parents have to give more attention to both the twins’ baby at the same time. For sure, your twins will have different patterns of sleeping, feeding, and playing. And, it will take some time to get your twins to understand and adapt the patterns. Therefore, it will be a better choice, if you can hire two nannies to take care of your twins’ baby. As, in this case, both the babies will get 100% attention from their nannies and it will easy for you to manage the things at home. And, especially in the case, you’re working parents, then you need to hire two nannies. Make sure you install cameras and make other security arrangements.

In case, you cannot afford two nannies at a time, then search for someone who had an experience of handling twins’ babies together. Kindly do the background check before hiring anyone for your Baby Care.

2 # Discourage Guests to Visit your Home until Twins turn 6 months Old:

Twins Baby is at a higher risk of catching an infection from the people around them, due to a low immune system. We all know that twins’ babies need more care and attention as compared to a single baby. Therefore, it’s important for parents, to make sure that they very fewer guests visit at home. Parents can easily tell their family members and friend to visit for home after twins turn 6 months old, to avoid any health issues. I am sure, your family and friends will understand your reasons and concerns behind it.

3 # Breastfeed Twins at the Same Time:

 It’s very important for Mother of Twins Babies, to develop the habit of breastfeeding their twins at the same time. It will 100% help their mother, in getting some time for her to relax or sleep. Maybe your Mother, it will take some time to learn the art of nursing twins at the same time. You can buy the twins feeding pillow, which can be really helpful.


4 # Give the Twins Equal Individual Playing Time and Attention:

Generally, it has been seen that twin’s baby love to play with each other and don’t want other people around them. It’s not true, twin babies also need to love other people’s faces and to communicate with them. Once, your twins are 6 months old, they will easily recognize their parents and can feel jealous of giving attention to other babies.

5 # Avoid Giving a Twins, Bath at the Same Time:

Parents should avoid giving a bath for both the babies at the same time, as it can be very dangerous for your child’s life. Holding the twins at the same time, with the other person help also, is not a good idea. Whether it’s Mother or Nanny, they do not know when and how babies can move, and due to water, your hands will be slippery, due to which babies can fall.

Therefore, Parents should wait till 6 or 8 months, until babies learn to sit up independently. But, it’s recommended that it will be better if you give a bath to your twins one by one. You can ask the Nanny to take the Babies one by one for the Bath Time.

6 # Prefer giving One by One Body Oil Massage for Babies:

Every day, before the bath, many mothers prefer giving Oil Massage to their Babies. Baby Massage has many benefits, and it’s healthier for your Baby’s Bone and Strength.

Mother’s should first prepare the bed for the massage and gather all the required material for Baby Massage like Oil, Towel, and Tissues (in case oil gets in the baby’s eyes). Then, ask your nanny to give you one baby first and when you’re over with his massage, tell Nanny to give him a bath. After that, you can repeat the same process with another baby. Just make it sure; you take all safety precautions in giving massage and bath to twin babies.

7 # Fixed the Twins Feeding and Sleeping Time Together:

Syncing your twin babies sleeping and feeding time together is going to be a tough task for parents, especially for Mother. First of all, it’s needs lots of patience and courage, to handle two babies at the same time.

Parents should try to build the habit of twins to eat and sleep together, it will take some time, but you will notice that your twin babies will adopt the schedules well. Doctor’s also recommended, twin mother’s to adopt this method so that the mother can also take some rest with the babies.


8 # Don’t Waste Your Money in Buying Two of Every Single Item for Twin Babies:

This is the biggest mistakes, the many twins’ parents make while purchasing the clothes, toys, baby products, baby’s gears, etc. Actually, having twin babies, save lots of parent’s money, especially in the Families where they consider having more than one child. Always think and do a little bit of research work, before buying any Gadgets or Baby Products. Like, you can have one Floor Mat, Playing Gym, One Bottle sterilizer, etc.

9 # Buy the Right Twins Gear:

It can be a little tricky for the parents, to understand how to buy twins gear like stroller, car seat, nursing pillow, high chairs, bouncy chair, etc. When it comes to buying baby gear, it’s important that you choose the right gears, which are only made for Twin Babies. Because, reputed brands make the twin gear, in keeping their safety first.

10 # Create Some Mark of your own to Distinguish between the Identical Twins:

In case, you have identical twins, parents get confused and maximum time feed the one baby twice a time. During the early months, sometimes it’s not easy to recognize the baby in many cases. Therefore, it will be a good idea to make some mark on your one child, especially before the feeding time, so that no mistakes can be repeated.

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