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Why to Wash Newborn Baby Clothes Separately

Baby Clothes

How to Wash Newborn Baby Clothes? Do You Need to Wash Your Newborn Clothes separately every day? And How Long you need to Wash your Baby Clothes separately? These are the most common question asked by every third parent in the world. You must be still spending lots of time searching about it on Google. Let’s clear the air from your mind and jump on the real facts.

Actually, Newborn Baby Skin is so sensitive and soft that they are prone to Rashes, Infections, and Allergies in their first few months after birth. It gets very important for Parents to know the main reason behind washing baby clothes separately. Let’s discuss and get into the exact reason behind people saying so.

Reasons Behind People Advising Washing Baby Clothes Separately

Tips for Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

1 # Choose Liquid Detergent over Powder Detergent, due to fewer chemicals content:

(Liquid detergent brands like Mee Mee Baby, Luvlap Baby, and Johnsons Baby Laundry Detergent, you can buy these products from Firstcry or Amazon.)

2 # Wash Baby clothes in Cold Water, so that baby fabric does not get spoiled. And you can wash clothes every day in cold water.

3 # When to wash clothes in Hot Water: It’s not compulsory to use cold water every time. As many times you have to use hot water to remove the oil and urine stains from Clothes.

4 # Don’t use Harsh Detergent: Some people prefer washing their baby’s clothes with other family member’s clothes. For those, it’s important to choose wisely the good brand detergent which does not harm baby skin.

5 # What Technique to choose between Washing Machine and Hand wash:

A) Washing machine: Oh! Yes, it’s perfectly fine and safe to wash your baby’s clothes in the washing machine. You can easily wash your baby’s clothing lines, cloth diapers, vests, and blankets without any concerns. Plus big clothes like blankets, baby bed sheet, and night cover sheet is easy to wash in the washing machine. Just don’t mix other family member’s clothes with it.

Please note that in the washing machine don’t throw or mix Hand sewed & colorful clothes. It’s better to hand wash these clothes to avoid any kind of tear.

B) Hand Wash: It’s an old practice, but most effective and hygiene. It’s not easy to hand wash all your clothes but the best you can do is that you can wash small clothes of urine and oil in a bucket, which you can keep on the washbasin and clean.


You can Hire a Maid to Wash your Baby’s Clothes Every Day by Hand, you can just monitor it.


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