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Babies are Born Musicians: Importance of Music for Babies


Do you know the Importance of Music is Babies Life? We must have heard that old sayings like babies hear everything from their mother’s womb that is actually and scientifically proven also.

Babies, as soon as they develop their brains start to respond to sound and they respond positively to sounds which are having some rhythms in them, like whenever I use to hear devotional and old songs having sweet melodies while I was pregnant I use to get the movement of my daughter in my tummy, she use to respond positively on that music.

There are many logic and scientific reasons for confirming that babies are born with music in their head, even when they cry or make sound it is having some rhythm (if you haven’t noticed till now do now  J).

We should encourage babies towards music as it will not only help them learn things quickly but also it will help their brain development.

How Music Can Help Babies in Brain Development

Right and Left Brain

There is saying that people with dominant left brains are more analytical and people with dominant right brains are more into music and creative field. Babies develop their both side of brains simultaneously so they are understanding music, colors, patterns and faces but also they are doing a lot of calculation while crawling, running lifting things.

If we will encourage them to listen to good music and try and teach them any new thing with some rhythms than they tend to learn and understand them very quickly.

Baby Rhymes

Babies always recite rhymes which they hear more so we should make sure that we choose best and melodious songs to play around our kids, as brain receptors are always on and they are listening and learning every new song and their tunes even when they are not focusing on them.

We should always ensure that the music is as per their age as music for a 6-month-old baby is totally different from the music of a 3-year-old so we need to upgrade it every few months.

We should have a big collection of songs so that they get to hear many different types of songs and watch different videos which will make them learn more and more which in turn will help their brains to do more.

Teach with Music

Music is the best tool to teach for example if we want to teach 1,2, 3 to our 1-year old that we should teach it like a song similarly teaching ABC is always in songs  even counting from fingers are always in songs (one little finger, two little fingers…)

So if we want to teach something new then make it a musical thing which she can recite quickly example if her name is Amaira so we should split it like “AA…  MAI…  RA.”

I taught my daughter weekdays and months in years like a small poem only and she learned in a flat 1 week. So music is the sure-shot and proven way to teach kids any new or difficult thing in the least possible time.

Music as a Tool

We can also make music a tool while facing difficulty in getting things done by our kids, we can start playing best and their favorite music only when they start dinner/lunch and keep it played till they finish their food and make this as a routine so that he knows whenever that music will play that means it’s my dinner /lunchtime.

Even at bedtime, we can start playing some song in the background to make them sleep faster so whenever they find it difficult to evaluate that whether it is time to sleep than that particular music in the background can ensure that yes this is time to sleep.

It is said that music has healing capabilities, and a soothing effect on our emotions as it helps us de-stress, relax and changes our mood for better. Same effects it has on babies music tends to de-stress many babies and they feel more relaxed when their favorite music or music which they hear most is being played

The most important part has to be played by parents and older siblings for developing a taste of music in babies starting from the womb to cradle to the kids room and living room, babies should not be exposed to loud and inappropriate music in their early age as that will destroy their interest in music in early age.

Babies should hear similar type/class/quality of music when they are in the bedroom, living room or even at their relative’s home so that they always feel connected.


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