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11 Effective Ways to Control Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity is Not a Joke.

Parents should never ignore the early sign and symptoms of Obesity. It started with your child overeating and less physical work. Sometimes parents encourage their children to eat more, as they think it’s healthy. 

Feeding too much food and including too many sugar products in your child’s daily routine is not a good idea. Whenever you notice a sudden jump in your child’s weight, you need to control it. 

We all know and understand that these days both Parents are working, therefore it is not easy to feed them with homemade food everyone. But, yes we can balance their unhealthy food items with healthy snacks.

You can buy snacks that are healthy and yummy at the same time. You just need to do a little bit of survey of food items to will found near your area. 

Now, let’s discuss how you and we both can control Childhood Obesity. 

11 Effective Ways How to Control Childhood Obesity

  1. Limit Your Child Screen Time – Parents can’t keep their kids away from electronic devices, but at least you can Fix the Time and can make a schedule of watching. Tell your child to use the phone for one hour in the evening. Divide their tv time and include some personal communication and spend time with them.
  2. Add Physical Activity and Games: Get your kid involved in some daily exercise or yoga at home. Fix some time in the morning or evening and you do exercise with your kids. You can motivate your kids during exercise to do more and more.
  3. Avoid Caffeine Products and Drinks – The best solution is to replace them with some Juice, Nimbu Pani, or Homemade Mocktail. You can mix two or three juices and make it a good mocktail for your kid.
  4. Parents should try to make good recipes with nutritious food so that kids can eat them. Also, you can work on the food presentation. You will find many websites which can help you to serve good nutrition in a good way. It’s not easy for parents to keep their kids away from junk food but you cannot give up.
  5. Late night snack eating habit is bad for adults’ and kids’ health. It’s better to tell them to eat everything before 9 pm. If they feel hungry at night give them ONE GLASS of Milk at night. Replace unhealthy food items with healthy ones.
  6. Discourage your kids to watch TV late at night or complete their school homework late. Or you can offer them to wake up late for one day weekend when they have a holiday the next day. This will keep them satisfied from the inside, plus it resolves your problem.
  7. Only one solution, don’t give money to your kids. Buy things yourself or go with them. Avoid giving them a free hand to spend the money.
  8. Play with your kids in the evening or take them to sports academies or playgrounds where they can make more friends. Kids need to have friends because that will keep their interests alive. If you want you can enroll them in some part-time games near your house.
  9. Make pizza, burger, paste, or whatever food your kids love at home by including healthy food in it. It will be better than outside food. Plus can go out once a month, in case of a weekly outing.
  10. Parents should collect information about the food that they are feeding their children. How many calories does the food have and whether it’s healthy or not? Buy the products according to their age. Tell your child about the benefits of eating healthy food. You can give them examples of other celebrity kids who are eating healthy foods, and looking stunning.


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