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Baby Complexion FAQs


Can you Change the Complexion of your Baby? What will be the Skin color of your Baby, How Your Baby going to look like, these are the most common FAQs asked by many parents. Find out the answers to these type of questions below:-

Q1) How Long Does My Baby’s Skin  Take to Reach its Natural Color?

All the Babies are born with a reddish-purple complexion (pinkish tone), which gradually fades away. Many mothers are scared about their Baby’s Complexion but there is nothing to worry about it. As you must have noticed that some babies born with a fair complexion and after  9 to 11 months, their color starts getting darker.  

Your Baby’s Natural Skin Tone will be visible only after he or she is 1 or 2 Years old. Once your child starts going to school, it will again change the color. It has been seen that many fair complexion children’s color starts getting darker as soon as they start going to school because of the sunlight and rays. 

Q2) Is it Possible to Change My Baby Skin Color/Complexion?

Baby skin color is determined by his/her genes at the time of conception. Many mothers try homemade pastes, ubtan, and beauty creams to improve their baby’s skin tone. There is no harm in trying, but it’s important to discuss this with your doctor first, as every child has a different skin type and texture.  Be very careful before trying any homemade remedies available online. Below are the few home remedies to improve your baby skin color suggested and tried by other mothers:-

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Q3) How to Figure Out what will be the Skin Color of My Baby?

No one can help you in this; there is no fixed rule for you to determine your Baby’s Skin Color. But, as a mother, you can try your full efforts. Eat healthy food during your pregnancy, be happy, take no stress, and do physical exercise. After the Baby is Born, from his Hands and Feet Color, you can guess what will be her Natural Skin Color would be.

According to some Old Wives Tales, if it’s a Daughter then she will take her Skin Color from her Father and in the same way, if it’s a Son then he will take it from his Mother. This theory has been proven right many times. You can check your case too. 


Q4) Why My Baby Skin Tone is Uneven?

The reason behind uneven skin tone in babies is due to the overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin and hair color. Few Babies have uneven skin color and they outgrow it with time. Mothers are advised to give regular oil massages (preferably olive oil)  to the baby to improve circulation.

Q5) How Can I have a Fair Child?

In the Old Times, people believed that if a Mother ate or drink Fresh Orange, Coconut Water, Milk with Saffron Strands, then you will get a Fair and Beautiful Baby. There is no scientific evidence that proves this theory. Just eat healthy foods and drinks, to have a healthy baby. A Healthy and Normal Baby should be your first priority. Click Here to Read more FAQs and Facts about your Baby Skin Color and Tone.



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