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5 Ways To Celebrate Independence Day with your Child

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to Each & Every Citizen of India. On 15th August 1947, we became a free country and every year everyone around India celebrates this day in their heart.

But is your child aware of the importance of this day and the reason behind celebrating it every year?  Have you told them about sacrifices made by the freedom fighter and their journey & efforts to make India a free country?

Many parents don’t bother to celebrate or talk about Independence Day with their children at home. For them, now Independence Day has only become ONE more Holiday.  Only, Parents can teach or tell their kids about the importance of this day and connect their kids to love and feel pride in their Country.

5 Ways To Celebrate Independence Day with Your Family

Below, are a few ways to celebrate One Day with your kids in the name of Country. By following the below points, you are actually making your child aware of their own country’s history and sacrifices.

1 # Take them to see Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Red Fort

A most beautiful way to start Independence Day is to take your family with you to enjoy the celebration at Red Fort. The area near the Red Fort has been decorated with tri-color decoration and there will be a great atmosphere. India Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji will address the nation from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in Delhi. It will be a great experience for your family, plus your kid will have some story to tell his or her friends in school.

2 # Decorate your Home with India Flags & Tri-Colour Light

Why don’t you decorate your house with Tri-Color Balloons, Ribbons, and Small India Flags or with Tricolor lights? Involve your kids with you in decorating your house and motivate them to do so. Parents are the first teacher to their children, and if you don’t do it and how will your child understand the importance of this day and understand the importance of being an Indian citizen?

3 # Dress your kids in Patriotic Dress

Encourage your child to participate in Patriotic Dress competitions in school or society. Dress your little one like Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, etc. Your kids will enjoy the day and love to celebrate this day every year. Plus you can take their pictures and share them with your friends and family members.

4 # Attend the Society Flag Hoisting Ceremony

If, you cannot take your family to Red Fort for Flag Hoisting, then attending your society’s flag hoisting ceremony is a good idea. It will be more convenient and easy for your family to attend and celebrate this day, especially if you have elder members.

All Residential Societies celebrate this day with full mood and preparation. There will be Tri-Color Flags and Decorations in the common park area, where the flag hoisting will be done. You should take your kids to see the flag hoisting and to stand for National Anthem. National Anthem will automatically boost the blood in your kids and they will be motivated.

5 # Take your kids to National Monuments and Museums

It’s a damn good idea to celebrate Independence Day with your Kids. Plus it will be a good idea to enjoy the National holiday with a beautiful outing. You, by yourself, must have not remembered some Monuments and Museums, it’s a good idea for your kids and for yourself to enjoy Independence Day and make memories.

An outing on these days makes family time a happy time and helps in making Childhood Memories.

Happy Independence Day!

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