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When to Start Exercise During Pregnancy

Start Exercise

In case you are fitness free before the pregnancy then you must want to continue the same. There is no need to stop your fitness routine but YES, you need to consult your doctor before during it, to avoid miscarriage issues. Women who don’t believe in exercise also need to start prenatal exercises at home for sure.  It does not only help you in Normal delivery but also keep you away from medical problem and issues arises during pregnancy.

When You Can Start doing Exercise During Pregnancy

It’s safe to start exercises when you are 3 months pregnant. Don’t be in a hurry to start it very early, please wait for 3 months so that fetus takes a good position and no miscarriage issue arise. Do walking, swimming, or yoga, whatever you feel like and feel comfortable but just don’t sit at home. You can’t control the issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, excess weight gain, etc by sitting back at home.

How Exercise During Pregnancy Can Help You

During my whole pregnancy, I never had lower or any kind of back pain or itching. I started exercising when I was 4 months pregnant with low impact stretches and pelvic floor exercise. After coming from the office every day, I almost used to exercise in the evening and it feels so good from inside. But after exercise and making dinner all my energy gets exhausted and I don’t go for a walk. But my doctor said that walking is as important as doing exercises at home. It helps in blood circulation to the baby and also it controls the lady’s weight. From the very beginning, I was using the footrest in office and increased the height of the footrest which helped my feet not to get swelling. It was really very helpful for my feet.

A slow and steady increase in the number of exercises every week. You can find many exercises online for all your 3 trimesters but choose those exercises which you can easily do and don’t have after pain.

Drink plenty of water the whole day to keep you Hydrated.

Eat less food before and after exercise to keep your baby’s heart rate in control.



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