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8 Things Pregnant Ladies Must Know About Baby Kicks

8 Must-Know Facts About Baby Kicks During Pregnancy

Baby Kick and Movements are the First Sign the indicates that everything is going absolutely fine with the Baby. But, do you know what your Baby Kicks mean? Let’s find out, some Amazing Facts and meaning about your Baby Kicks.

1 # Frequency and Intensity of Baby Kicks Increase when you do Exercise

Frequency and intensity of baby kick increase when you do exercise because you tend to breathe heavily. This is absolutely normal a baby just enjoys and gets excited by this regular breathing. Even the doctor recommends that every expecting mother must do some exercises. Check out some products for expecting mothers, to have a comfortable and safe pregnancy.

2 # Baby Kicks during First & Second Trimester mean that your Baby is Doing Fine

Baby Kicks during First & Second Trimester is a clear indication that your baby is doing fine as by kicking they are responding to your actions and moods, if you’re very happy in a good mood you will feel kicks, similarly if you are sad and stressed than also you will feel kicks. So, we should try to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit during pregnancy to keep a little soul out of stress in your womb.

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3 # Sudden Drop in your Baby Kicks needs your Attention

Some Pregnant Ladies do not feel their baby kick till 22 to 24 weeks, these babies may be called as LAZY ONE. Some old ladies will tell you that this is normal, as some babies kick late. But, it’s important to get it checked at the time your ultrasound, to make sure that everything is fine with her in your tummy.


4 # Baby Kicks More at Night

Many Pregnant ladies feel babies kick in the night, especially around as late as 1/2 am. Experts say that the baby gets her own time with her mom at night when she is sleeping. In day time normally moms are busy doing their own stuff so baby’s kick goes unnoticed.

5 # Does Caffeine affect your Baby Movements

Just like you, babies also get Nicotine hit when you drink coffee, babies get a sudden rush of energy and they start kicking fast and frequent. Pregnant ladies should not increase or decrease caffeine intact as it may adversely affect their babies’ health. Also, spicy food in large portions should be avoided when you are pregnant to reduce the chances of indigestion and gastric issues.

6 # Father can only feel Baby Kicks at the end of the Second Trimester

Like mothers, father’s too are excited to feel their baby’s kick, as they cannot feel the movements. There is no feeling in this world that can match a father’s feeling when the baby responds to him by kicking from her mother’s tummy at the same place where the father kept his hand.

7 # Reduced kicking in Third Trimester does not indicate that the Baby is in Distress

At around 32nd week, mark your baby grows bigger and has less room to move inside. That’s why, many pregnant ladies complain about fewer baby kicks and movement during the third trimester, but there is nothing to worry about.

8 # After 24 Weeks of Pregnancy, you will Feel the Kicks Quite Often 

Once your baby crosses the 20th week, you will start noticing his kick more often. Baby can see and hear even from the womb, therefore mothers should start talking to their babies even when they are in the womb as it will not only create a strong bond but also makes your baby little calm and stress-free, you might feel anything from 16 to 45 movements an hour between 20th and 24th week. To have a wonderful pregnancy journey, or to get attached to your unborn baby, check out the products which can really help you.


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