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10 Most Important Pregnancy Tips for First-Time Moms

First Time Moms

These kinds of Pregnancy Tips are something that helps save First Time Moms throughout all Three Trimesters and will help you to cope with the physiological and physical changes in your body.  You must be going through lots of excitement and confusion, which is very normal. This feeling of having your baby is just out of the world. Nothing can stand close to this feeling, but to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, below are a few tips which you should follow.

10 Most Important Pregnancy Tips for First-Time Moms

1 # Get Yourself Mentally Prepared for Coming Changes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re First Time Moms or not. You need to be mentally strong and don’t let your fear overpower you. It’s very natural for First Time Moms, to get nervous and have nightmares due to sudden changes in their Life. These Changes can be in your Body, Weight, Looks, Skin, Hair, etc.

You should consider the whole journey of your pregnancy as a beautiful chapter in your life. These moments and times will never come back. Get yourself prepared for any health issues coming your way. You just need to be aware of the danger signs of pregnancy and try to avoid them by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

2 # Don’t be in a Hurry to Announce Your News

We can understand your enthusiasm, but sometimes patience works. And, especially during pregnancy, as old wives say, it’s important not to disclose your pregnancy to avoid the evil eye (Nazar >Nazar na lag jaye). As, they say that the First Three Months of pregnancy are a little bit harder for many pregnant women, and therefore, avoid it till you cross the dangerous period of pregnancy i.e. when you entered your Second Trimester.

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3 # Follow your Doctor’s Advice

Please don’t become your own doctor or think that Google can make a better knowledge person of all the Good and Bad things about Pregnancy. If you notice, any unusual thing happening to your body or baby’s movement, don’t hesitate to call your doctor(gynecologist ). Your Doctor is someone who will guide you through your pregnancy and we will give you the right advice. In case, you are not satisfied with your doctor’s advice or you face some other issues, please take a second opinion. But, you must trust and have faith in your Doctor.

4 #  Buy Comfortable and Right Size Maternity Clothes

Oh! Please don’t get confused and buy the wrong maternity clothes for yourself. Many First Time Moms (Pregnant women) tend to buy the wrong size and material clothes and other pregnancy-related products. Always, buy the products from a known /branded company and always read the customer reviews about the individual products. These days Maternity Items are becoming a necessity for all New Mothers, as they keep them comfortable, safe, and update in fashion.

5 # Join Prenatal Exercise Classes

Prenatal exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight and strengthens your heart and blood vessels. These classes may decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery.

Almost every pregnant lady these days prefers to join Prenatal classes, where they can discuss their queries and conditions with other pregnant ladies. Prenatal class is a place where you receive information regarding Baby Growth, Epidural (pain relief injection during labor), how to take care of the Baby, Post-Delivery, and why to opt for a natural delivery.

6 # Don’t follow Each and Every Advice

As soon as your family members and a relative came to know about your Pregnancy. You would be overloaded with numerous pieces of advice. Every person you meet will have at least one piece of advice for you. Kindly avoid listening and taking advice from everyone around you. Only trust and listen to people, who take care of you and are very close to you.

7 #  Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy must be something that almost everyone around you will tell you to follow. But, eating healthy is not enough,  you also need to follow a healthy lifestyle clubbed with moderate exercise. You must burn calories too. Eat according to your current health conditions, not everything can suit you. And, don’t follow another person’s diet, maybe what she is eating doesn’t suit you or is not good for your health. Try to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, and read about the Do’s and Don’t of First Trimester, Second Trimester, and Third Trimester.

8 #  Make yourself aware of Danger Signs during the Third Trimester

Ask your doctor about the signs of labor, this will help you to understand when you need to visit the Hospital. There are a few danger signs in your third trimester, which need your attention like swollen feet during pregnancy, sudden swelling in the face or hands may be a sign of a condition known as preeclampsia, vaginal bleeding, severe headaches, decreased fetal movement and severe abdominal pain, etc.

9 # Pre and Post-Pregnancy Support Products

You need both pre and post-pregnancy products for you. Products like back support belts,  Pregnancy pillows, Pregnancy journals, swollen feet relief pregnancy, nursing pads, maternity clothes, and baby products, etc are things that are advised by pregnancy experts.

10 # Continue doing your Routine Work

First-time moms need to understand that pregnancy doesn’t mean rest time. Pregnancy is the period when you need to be more fit and healthy. First of all, don’t stop your routine work, keep maintaining your daily routine work like cooking, cleaning, managing kids, making lunch, etc. Physical activity during pregnancy will keep you away from any kind of illness and problems. You need to concentrate on yoga, exercise, and physical activity. Working Ladies, should continue their regular office work and even drive their car till they get into their third trimester.


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