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Effect of COVID-19 on Pregnant Women and New Mothers


What Kind of Effect COVID-19 has on Pregnant Women and New Mothers.

COVID-19 has emerged as an evolving pandemic, and many of the countries are fighting with the virus. It’s a kind of a panic situation in many countries, but the only way to fight with the COVID-19 virus is through Self- Awareness, and Self-Precautions. We all can fight with this virus with our intelligence and fast taking steps.

Till now, there is no evidence that this virus passes through the Pregnant Mother to her unborn child or infants. It is too early to prove the vertical transmission from mother to baby. 

But, as per experts the children, elderly people, and pregnant women are under the higher risk for severe influenza infection. Influenza is a viral infection that attacks people’s respiratory system — nose, throat, and lungs. below are some important points highlighted for your reference.

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This is the first time this kind of virus (COVID-19) has affected the entire world. Still, the research is going on, and experts and doctors are still working on it. There is very little data available that can explain or prove its impact on pregnant women, infants, babies, and kids.


What Preventive Measures You Should Take During COVID-19

What to Do If a New Mother or Pregnant Lady is Confirmed to have COVID-19

As soon as you found any kind of Symptoms of Coronavirus in you, then please make the distance (separation) from your child with immediate effect. Consult your doctor and talk about the below important points with them. These are very important questions, as still, we all don’t know much about the COVID-19 virus effect on new mothers and pregnant women:-

During COVID-19, What to Opt For - Normal delivery or C-Section

Currently, there is no evidence that suggests that caesarean birth is better than natural birth. As 12 babies born in Wuhan to mothers with COVID-19 didn’t show signs of infection and on the other hand another baby born via a natural delivery also did not show COVID-19 symptoms.

But, it’s recommended that if the would mothers have a respiratory condition (breathing problem), then caesarean birth may have opted. 

 Source: The Cleveland Clinic, World Health Organization

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