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Infant Care New Myths and Unknown Facts

What did you think about these Infant Care Myths? Do you Believe below Myths without knowing the Real Facts? It’s very important for parents to make themselves aware of the Myths vs Facts discussed online related to Newborn Baby Care. It is not that all Old Myths are false but the question is on which Infant Care Myths Parents should have believed.

Some Infant Care Myths like Baby Can’t see parents face or Banana should be Baby First Foods are literally OLD & FALSE MYTHS. There are many myths discussed over the years, but below are the few NEW MYTHS, which will help parents to give or follow Right Methods for their Newborn Baby Care.

8 Uncommon Infant Care Myths

Myth # 1

Painless Vaccination is better than  Regular Vaccination

Not Proven yet but Partially True, these days many doctors do not advise parents to opt for Painless Vaccination over Regular Vaccination. Painless Vaccination is slightly less effective and protects less as compare to regular vaccination.

Earlier, Parents don’t have the full knowledge and information about Painless vaccination and get in the trap by money-minded Doctors or Hospitals. But the reality is only that Painless vaccination means no Fever in Babies. But just tell one thing, if some vaccine has gone inside the baby to fight against the virus then it will create some side effects and Fever is only that.

Myth # 2

Baby should not be Force to Sit or Walk before the time

 Yes, it’s true forcing Baby to Sit or Walk before the time will affect their Body Structure. Forcing can lead to Back Pain or may affect baby legs, arms, shoulder, and knees strength. The biggest impact of earlier sitting is that your baby will have less tummy time, due to which it leads to fewer movements & strengthening & exploring.

 Myth # 3

Baby Homemade Pillow is better than Branded Pillow

 True, Mustard Pillow or Handmade pillows at home by our elders are best for Newborn Babies. Using Mustard Pillow has many benefits and it’s cheap for Parents Pocket. It helps to increase blood circulation and give a round head shape. This pillow gives good support and shape to babies’ heads and gives smooth & relaxing sleep.

 Myth # 4

Baby Teething Causes Fever

 No, it’s not true. Fever or vomiting cannot be combined with the Baby Teething problem. Babies start having their first to a tooth when they are 6 months old but there has been no study shown that teething will be followed by fever. Yes, teething in a baby cause discomfort and irritation. And some babies stop taking food during the teething process.


Myth # 5

Wrong-way of Holding Baby can Affect their Growth & Development

True, Many Parents make these mistakes and don’t understand that Holding a Baby in the wrong manner can affect their Baby Body posture later in life. Plus it makes, Baby uncomfortable and uneasy. It’s important for parents to search and know how to Hold their Baby before Birth. There can be many disadvantages if you hold the baby in the wrong manner, especially a full day.

Myth # 6

An infant requires Oil Massage every day

 Yes, it has been proven that Oil massage helps in improving blood circulation and relaxes the joints & muscles of Baby. As you know that baby grows every day and as they cannot move their body by themselves in starting, they need full body oil massage to feel good and relax.

Myth # 7

An infant should not be Given Bottle Feed-in First Few Weeks

True, Mothers should emphasize more on Breastfeeding until the First 6 Months. Giving Bottle earlier to Babies can result in refusing the mother milk. Therefore, a mother should avoid introducing a bottle to babies in earlier weeks. Many parents make these mistakes without knowing the side effects because they think that giving bottle feed means the baby’s stomach is full and especially in the night, Baby will sleep tight.

Myth # 8

Baby Fevers should always be Treated with Medicine

Partially true, fever in babies should be treated immediately. It is not important how you treat it but treating a fever on time is important. In many cases, it has been observed that sometime Fever over 102 degrees F can be dangerous to Baby Health. If your Baby has low fever below 101 degrees F then, parents can try to keep the cool wet cloth on Baby Head or other Home Remedy. But if Fever is not getting down, then start treating it with Medicine like crocin drops.

Fever makes the baby’s body weak and lowers the strength of the body to fight against infection and viruses. Therefore, treating a fever of time is extremely important for your baby.

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