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How to Improve Your Toddler Behavior with Positive Parenting Skills

Positive Parenting

Punishment is never a good approach towards the children and especially when you want to make him or them a responsible and disciplined child. Many times parents are responsible for their child’s stubborn nature and the reason behind is their bad behavior, way of talking (tone), and wrong ways of parenting. 

You need to understand that as a Parent, that when your babies entered the world of toddlers, they start showing tantrums, which is very normal. This is the time when their brain is developing and they are at growing age. Also, they are in the process of understanding the world around them. Parents are the first people that they observe and follow very closely. Therefore, the parent’s nature, behavior, attitude, plays a very important role in their child’s development. 

There is no specific rule behind positive parenting, as all the children have different nature and understanding capabilities. It’s totally up to parents how they want to bring up their children and what values they want to give. 

By Adopting the Below Positive Parenting Tips you can Teach your Child How to be a Discipline Child. 

  1. Follow the Simple Parenting Tips, which you too believe in and you can easily follow them in your daily routine.
  2. Avoid imposing your views on your child.
  3. Stop teaching them discipline, especially when he or she is angry and showing a tantrum.
  4. Like what they like, show interest in things which make them happy and they enjoy it.
  5. Don’t make a rash or harsh decision.
  6. Talk and Listen to your child every day for at least half an hour, see what he/she wants to tell you. Toddlers have a bucket full of words, views, opinions, and observations.
  7. Praise your child’s efforts when they are climbing the ladder by themself.  
  8. Don’t bribe your child, follow the Good Reward concept.
  9. Always prepare yourself to tactical your child’s tantrums and stress in advance.
  10. Children get irritated when they are traveling or there is a change in their daily routine. Keep urself read to deal with it with patience and carry something which changes their mood in just 5 mins. for example their favorite toy, foods, chocolate, or small pack of surprise gifts.
  11. Learn how to compromise in front of your child.
  12. Read with your child and try to spend good quality time with him.
  13. Play with your child outside the house for at least one hour. this will help you in building a good parent-child bond
  14. Play games like Paw Patrol, PJ Masks and Peppa Pig, etc. Become one of the characters and encourage your toddler to play pretend games with you.
  15. Don’t use bad language and tone while speaking to your child. Children very well understand their parent’s tone and facial expression. avoid giving them an angry look, when they did something wrong. First, try to talk to them politely and then make them understand that they have done something wrong which they shouldn’t have done. 


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