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10 Ways Parents are Ruining their Child’s Future

Child's Future

What Parenting Mistakes, you are doing, which is spoiling your Child’s Future. Bringing up a child is not an easy task, and especially when they are in the growing stage. Many parents do not understand, how to take care of their growing child and feel lots of pressure on themselves. Patience, can be the key for you, to handle the situation and give them good values. Through, Patience, Parents can learn the art of improving their child’s bad behavior into a good one.

Don’t make mistakes, which can ruin your Child’s Future and can turn them into Stubborn Child later in Life. You, can learn from other parents’ mistakes and try not to follow the same. Sometimes, parents do not realize that despite their good intentions & actions, they are actually building frustration, anger, irritation, and bitterness, in their child.

Let’s find out, what Mistakes you are doing, which is making your Child Aggressive, Stubborn and Headstrong.

10 Ways Parents are Ruining their Child’s Future

1 # Building the Academic Pressure :

After the baby is born, the parents start dreaming about their child’s successful future. But, it does not mean that you will start building the academic pressure on your child when he or she starts going to Pre-School or Nursery. Let, your child breathe and enjoy life. Some Parents, want their child to be super brilliant and they should have knowledge about everything in the world.

Once, your child has entered the 7th standard, automatically, he will become more responsible towards his studies and able to fight the competition near him. Till, then, you can prepare or teach them by giving the good books to read or educational toys.

Please don’t make unwanted academic pressure on your child, otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your child’s behavior. Building Pressure is always something, which is not good for your child’s confidence. Parents’ role in their child’s life should be supportive not forcing type, it’s very important for your Child’s Future.



2 # Regularly Interfering in the Child’s Life :

Why Parents think that they have all the right to interfere in their child’s life. You have given them birth, but you don’t have a right to rule over their lives. Why, I am saying this, as I’ve seen many parents making their child life hell, by continuously interfering in their work.

Stop interfering, in your child’s life, as they have their own brain to identify between right and wrong. Parents should always try to give good values, thinking, and upbringing of her child. And the rest, they explore by their own experiences, which will turn to be beneficial for your Child’s Future

3 # Not giving them Freedom of Speech:

Please, give your child your time from your busy schedule. Let your child express and say, whatever he feels or want to discuss with you. Become a friend to your child and make them comfortable in sharing the inner thoughts with you.

By, not giving freedom of speech, you are actually building angry and frustration in your child. Your child will start to keep all those bad thoughts inside the heart, which will later become a behavioral problem.

4 # Always telling them, that they are of No Use :

Why always parents want their children to do what they want them to do or demand their children to follow them blindly. When a child does not do what their parents want from them, they start using the words like ‘You Are of No Use’ and ‘You do not know anything’ and ‘you are stupid and fool’.

These statements and words are actually hurting your child’s personality and ego. He will stop respecting you and become a stubborn and aggressive child. Later, in life, he will develop a habit of not listening to you and always prefer to do things that you do not like.

5 # Overprotective :

Actually, you are not overprotecting your child from bad experiences, people and failure. But, you are making your child a sensitive, delicate, irresponsible, weak, nervous and unstable. He will not able to fight, his own battle against the competition from fellow people. Your child will not have the confidence to face his own problems and will run from any kind of challenge in life.

Parents, duty is to make their kids strong and active. Make your child a fearless person, who does not fear to face any problem or situation. 

6 # Scolding and Shouting :

Unwanted scolding will make your child against you. Sooner or later, your child will stop listening and respecting you. I know, these days, parents do not have patience and lose their temper very fast. Parents need to understand that a child will behave like a child and if they do not make mistakes, then who will make. Please, don’t scold or shout on your child, when it’s not required. Make it, very rare to shout on your child, only when it’s required.

7 # Comparison with Siblings:

No one likes to get themselves compared with anybody. And, especially the comparison between siblings is something which is a sign of bad parenting. Every child has a different ability and understanding. Please don’t say sentences like ‘ See your brother, he is so brilliant’ and ‘why don’t you do things like your sister does’. These lines are, actually, demoralizing your child’s self-esteem.

A comparison will make a weak bonding between the siblings, which is not a good sign. And the relationship between the Brother and Sister will be having any love or attachment.


8 # Constant Criticism from Parents:

Criticism is again something that will create frustration and anger in your child. No one likes criticism, and when you are constantly doing this with your child, then for sure it will only have a negative impact on your child’s brain. Criticism will not change your child’s behavior, but it creates anger and defensiveness on the part of the person.

Parents should motivate their child, if they already know that their child is weak in doing some particular things like studies, games, controlling anger, etc. Motivation is the key to making your child a successful person. Otherwise, criticism will make him.

9 # Giving too much of Pocket Money, will Spoil your Child:  

Please avoid giving, excess pocket-money to your child. Parents should try to teach the value of money to their children, not the misuse of it. I agree, as a new age parent, we want to give everything to our children, so that he does not feel left out in front of his friends. But, teaching the importance of money, is also the parent’s responsibility and duty. Otherwise, later in life, he will spend money careless or wasteful way. For Your Child’s Future, it’s important to understand the money power.

10 # Holding them Back:

Holding them back means, to prevent someone from doing something. Many parents unintentionally, hold their children from exploring and trying new things in their life. Maybe, parents want to give secure and save lives to your child. But, holding them back, will make them a weaker person. Let them learn from their own mistakes and find the solution. Confidence is very important for your Child’s Future.


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