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13 Postpartum Recovery Tips for New Moms for Fast Recovery

Postpartum Recovery

1 # Difficulty In getting and Up from Bed 

One of the biggest problems, you will face after delivery would be a painful experience of getting in and out of bed. After a C-Section or Normal Delivery, you will feel lots of pressure on your lower body part. Due to your extra weight and stitches, you have to bear this pain for a while.


Before, getting out of the bed, always take the support of your one hand and try to put all the pressure on it. Remember, to get up from the bed from the side angle, never try to get up in a straight position

2 # Sleeping Position Problem

Just after the delivery also, many women do not feel comfortable sleeping on the stomach or in straight positions.  Do you know that some women cannot sleep on their stomachs for around 2 or 3 years after having a baby and especially in the case of C-Section?  To avoid the long run back pain and any other health problem, it’s important for women to sleep in a better posture to reduce the pain and any further complication.


Best Sleeping Positing after delivery would be on your back or again on your sides. Try not to give pressure on your lower abdomen pain.  It will be better if you can switch or roll the sides, by using your hand’s support. Try not to sleep in one position for a longer period, to avoid the stiffness in the body.

3 # Limit the Number of People who Visits you Daily

In the name of tradition and welcoming a newborn baby, new parents forget about the safety of baby and mother. New Mother Body and Newborn babies are more prone to catch the infections.

It will take about 2 weeks for the cervix to return to its normal size after delivery, maybe it can take One Month to heal completely from labor and delivery. Therefore, it’s important for you, to take full rest and have fewer people around you.


Tell your relatives and friends, to visit you after One Month. This will help you to get over the stress – Postpartum Recovery.

4 # Facing problem with Breastfeeding

The side-lying position is known as the most comfortable breastfeeding position. But few doctors, do not advice to breastfeed the babies in a side-lying position, due to ear infection. But, it’s not true, as there is no research that proves this right.

Another best position to breastfeed the baby is to sit in a chair or bed, with the help of a feeding pillow. Breastfeeding is a challenge for many new mothers, due to sleepless nights and babies need to be fed more often. Don’t worry as breastfeeding is a type of learning the art and sooner you will learn this art, without making any major efforts.


You may also face problems like sore and cracked nipples, pain in the breast due to an oversupply of breast milk and baby is not latched on properly, etc. But believe me, all these problems are temporary problems and within a few weeks, it will be gone. Just have patience and enjoy the Motherhood, relaxation will again help you in fast Postpartum Recovery!

5 # Not Taking Good Care of Yourself

Becoming a mother is a most joyful experience, but maximum women take all this too seriously. Of course, your full attention must be on your newborn baby, but it does not mean that you stop thinking about yourself.

Just answer this very simple question ‘ Does your Husband Life Change after having a Baby, as yours does’?. The answer would be ‘NO’, then why are you taking so much stress.


Share your newborn baby responsibilities with your husband or hire a nanny. For Fast and Safe Postpartum Recovery, it’s important for Mothers to have good rest.

6 # Sleep when Baby Sleep

You must have heard this many times from your elders and doctor. It’s very good advice that you should 100% follow. At least for the First 3 Months, many parents complain about sleepless nights. But, gradually when your baby will get older, he or she will change her sleep pattern. And you notice that the baby is sleeping less in the daytime and taking a good nap at night.


Don’t waste your time behind, changing your baby sleeping pattern. As the baby will do whatever he wants and you cannot force him. By the time your baby is 6 months old, this problem will start reducing.

7 # Postpartum Belt after Giving Birth

It is also known as a maternity belt, which you can easily tie on your stomach to support your abdominal organs and muscles. This is going to be, the First Item, you will require to buy for yourself. Maybe before leaving the Hospital, your doctor will advise you to buy the belt from the Medicine Store in Hospital and go back home while eating it. These belts are easily available in the market, you can buy from any store near your house.


It’s one item, which every woman should buy and use till the First 6 Months, to get relief from abdominal pain and back pain. Try to wear the belt more often during the daytime.

8 # Keep your Stitches Area Dry

Please do take care of your stitches and the incision area. It’s very important for you to keep it dry and clean. These days doctors use the stitches, which will generally get dissolve and women do not need to think about changing the dressing more frequently. In case something goes wrong with your stitches, then chances of getting a serious infection increase.


Keep the incision area dry with the help of Powder. Always remember to put lots of power in an incision area in the daytime and just after having a Bath. During the monsoon season, you need to take extra precautions.

9 # Go for Grocery Shopping on Weekends

Grocery shopping or any other kind of shopping, on weekends, is 100% required for you to get Fresh Air. To regain your energy and strength, so that you can cope up with the daily requirement of your newborn baby. Plus, you also need some time out for yourself. Shopping is something, which always reduces women’s stress and gets their happy hormones active.


Leave your Baby and Husband at home, to let the daughter and father have some quality time together. Drive your car near to your home at any Grocery Shop and spend a good time.


10 # Postpartum Depression

Out of every 10 women, at least 8 women are getting badly affected by Postpartum Depression. It makes you feel sad, worthless and you will feel like to cry without any reason. And maximum time, the depression attack happens to women in the afternoon, between 1 to 4 pm, when they are totally alone in the house.


Keep yourself busy in some work or go out with the baby for a walk in the afternoon. Just note the timing when you feel a depression attack inside you and fight with it with your Self Power. Get yourself, aware of Postpartum Depression by reading online articles and other mothers’ experiences.

11 # Pain in Back Due to Epidural

In case, you have opted for an epidural during your labor time. Then, maybe after deliver you will pain in your back while getting up and down from the bed. Some women feel pain in their back during their night sleeping time.

Don’t worry about it, as it’s a short time pain and will go in a few weeks. Just take precautions and do not pick anything heavy, not to hold the baby also for a longer time. As this will trigger the epidural pain.


Do not pick any heavy items, do not stand in one position for a longer period and take full rest.

12 # Mood Swings or Baby Blue 

It’s very common for new mothers to have lots of mood swings. You will notice that sometimes your very happy and suddenly, your mood changes into a sad one. No need to worry, as baby blue is for a short time as compare to postpartum depression and its impact is also less.

Many women get confused between postpartum depression and baby blue, as their many symptoms are the same as crying, sadness, irritation, and frustration. In case, you are not clear about the difference, then ask your doctor or read online about these points. This will help you in Fast Postpartum Recovery.


Eat Good Health Foods, which can keep your good hormones active.

13 # Reasons Behind Irregular Menstrual Cycle After Pregnancy

Bleeding after delivery generally depends upon a woman’s body. Every woman has different internal body functions, in some cases, the discharge continues for around 1.5 months, and in some cases, it stopped within 2 weeks after delivery. Once the bleeding has stopped, it will take 15 to 30 days, for your first menstrual periods to start again. Breastfeeding Mothers, face the problem of not having regular Periods because of a change in hormones. Maybe you will experience heavier, and painful periods for the first time after having a baby. 


Actually, you cannot do anything about this problem. Just take a rest and in case your periods, does not start till 45 days after having a baby, then please contact your gynecologist. Take advice from your doctor about Postpartum Recovery.


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