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10 Effective Ways to Prevent Miscarriage During Pregnancy


Once a woman convinces a baby, she is the happiest person in this world. With this happiness and responsibility, the first thing that strikes her mind is the safety of her baby. And for any pregnant lady, the scariest part during the pregnancy would be Miscarriage.

Miscarriage is the term that is also linked with Pregnancy. It usually happens in the early weeks of the pregnancy. The First Trimester of Pregnancy is called the most critical period in the whole pregnancy. Once the Pregnant lady enters into the second trimester which steps into the safest period of the pregnancy.

Miscarriage can be happened due to several reasons, it can be Genetic, Unknown Medical Issues, and may be due to your carelessness. Below are the few pacific reasons behind miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Read the below points carefully and try to avoid which is not good for you and the coming baby.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Miscarriage
Reasons Behind Miscarriage

1 # Less Awareness

Many First-Time Moms ignore their health condition in the early weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes, due to overconfidence of knowing everything through the online medium is not enough to have a safe pregnancy. We would suggest you read the important precaution to follow in the First Trimester of pregnancy to avoid early-stage miscarriage.

2 # Women Age Factor

 Oh! Yes, women’s age plays an important part in having a healthy or non-healthy pregnancy. Earlier, many women convince their first child at the age of 24 or 25+, but as we all know the Career-oriented women are choosing Pregnancy after 30+, which is one of the causes of increasing numbers of miscarriage.

3 # Physical Abuse

Any kind of physical abuse or trauma to the mother can lead to miscarriage. In some families Domestic violence is still taking place, would-be mothers need to take strict action against the people who do or are in favor of Physical Abuse. You and your Baby’s life are in your hands and no matters what is the situation, you need to be strong and confident.


4 # Early Health Conditions or Issues

Women who have or had any of these health conditions like hypertension (High BP), Thyroid, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Kidney disorder, etc from the pregnancy, are at higher risk of miscarriage.

5 # Problems before their Pregnancy

Some women have Long-term health problems before their pregnancy. Unfortunately lots of would mothers don’t discuss their health issues with their gynecologist, due to which some of them lose their baby in the first trimester or around 20 weeks of pregnancy.

It’s very important for pregnant ladies to discuss each and every health or mental problem or issues with their concerned doctors. There is nothing that can be created with the help of medications.

6 # Chromosome Abnormality

Chromosomal abnormalities are genetic conditions that occur due to a problem with one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes. The most common chromosomal abnormality caused by an extra or missing chromosome. Damaged sperm or egg cell, is also a reason behind the chromosome issues. There are several different genetic syndromes caused by missing or extra chromosomes, including Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, trisomy 18, and trisomy 13.

7 # Smoking and Alcohol

If you are planning a Baby, it would be a great idea to drop the smoking and alcohol habits for the coming 9 months during the pregnancy period.

Heavy consumption of Alcohol during Pregnancy is one of the silliest mistakes done by Pregnant Ladies. Smoking also increases the chances of miscarriage as compared to non-alcohol and non-smoker women. And, this is something which most of the Ladies are aware of, but still, they take so much risk and that to the only coz of their Bad Habits.

8 # Weakened Cervix during the Second Trimester

Due to the weaker cervical muscles, they are unable to hold the fetus due to which many pregnant ladies face miscarriage during their second trimester of pregnancy.

In case you have a weaker cervix, you can opt for good exercises that may help you in strengthening your cervical muscles. You can also discuss your concern with your doctor, as she/he is the right person to guide you in this situation.

9 # Dangerous Infections

 Below are some types of infections that may increase your chance of miscarriage. Kindly go through all necessary type of test during the first trimester of pregnancy, and whenever needed.

10 # Overweight

 Women who are overweight before their pregnancy is at higher risk of miscarriage. It’s not a thumb rule but their chances are higher. Overweight pregnant women must continue with regular physical activities and exercise during their whole pregnancy period to feel comfortable and confident.

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