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Do you Need a Second Child?

Second Child

It’s a Most Difficult Question in front of Many Parents, especially when the Biological Clock is Ticking, the Parents start getting worried about their decision of having a Second Child or not. And, facing all types of pressure from Family Members and Society. But, have you ever given some serious thought to this idea, have you discussed this with your partner.

Sometimes, it has been seen in many families about the dispute between the parents. Maybe one partner is ready and another partner is not ready for the idea of having a second child. And, this situation concludes into a fight or a stressed atmosphere in the family. We would suggest here that you should have a conversation first with each other and also you should grope your first child views too.

Having a second child means starting the whole family once again and are you ready to once again handle the new financial and physical challenges. Many parents are very clear about having Two Kids (Siblings) from the start. But, the issue comes for the parents who are confused and has many questions in their mind. Parents who take lots of time in deciding on a second child, find themselves ending in the Quits Situation (idea drop).

Actually, before jumping into any discussion or considering the second child, below are the few points which you should give more emphasis, like:

1 # Your Current Financial Condition

What is your Current Expensive and can you afford to give a good lifestyle to both your kids. If the answer is Yes, then you should plan for one more child, plus you have lessened expenses with a second child, as you must have already lots of Baby Gears and other products lying in your ward bore.

2 # What is the Current Health Condition of the Mother 

If the Mother had some complications during her previous pregnancy, then it’s important to take an opinion from a good doctor.

Mother is someone who looks after the child after birth, yes fathers too play some role in upbringing. But the major parts come under the mother’s umbrella. That’s why a mother’s health needs to be taken into consideration before planning another child.

3 # Who will Stay with the Child, if Both Parents are Working

One of the major reasons for couples dropping the idea of having a second child. Most of them live in a nuclear family, and when they are in office, they will take care of both kids. If you’re comfortable with the daycare concept and it’s fine, but these days after hiring stories of daycare centers, it’s difficult for parents to discuss.

For couples, who stay with their parents, they can easily consider having a second child but there is one small problem, in this case, your parents must agree to look after your baby too.

4 # Are you Ready to go Through Everything One More Time

Looking after a newborn baby and handling its sleep, food, bath, and other requirements are not easy for many parents. Becoming a parent comes with a huge responsibility, maybe till now when your elder son/daughter of 4 or 5 years old, you must have forgotten all that struggles. But are you ready now, to go through everything again for your second child, think first, and then discuss?

5 # Keeping at least 2 Years Gap between the First and Second Child

Maintaining a good gap between both kids is considered to be a good idea. Doctors recommend couples to follow this policy. The major reason behind this concept is to give ample rest to the mother’s body. It’s a mother who has to give birth to a baby, therefore it’s important for her to make up her mind and keep her body ready for the childbirth of another child.

Also, for parents, it would be easy to handle and manage the kids with a good age of gapping. The needs of both the kids are different, therefore it will be easy to send one child to school on time and manage the other little one at home, till his or her brother is in school (half-day).

6 # This Question is for Fathers – How much time do you have for your family?

 As a father who has played a double role, look after your family and office work too. You need to have enough time for your Wife and Kids, to give them a happy life. As we all know, money comes secondary, when it’s all about family smiles and happiness.

You need to keep your aggression, angry, frustration back at home every day before coming the home. And, get yourself ready to answer your first child all questions calmly and give your time and love to the second child too, you need to manage both of them at the same time.

7 # Don’t come in any Kind of Pressure

Pressure can be from any side, maybe from your parents, friends, society, and more. They are not going to help you financially or bring up both the child. these are the people who love making comments without any reason. It’s you why to have to discuss to have two kids or not.

8 # Think Realistic

After going through all the above points, sit in one corner and take your time and think about all these points. discuss with your partner and try to question each other, with the queries and doubts you both have in your mind. After having a good question-answer round, think realistic, and take the decision.


Having a Sibling in the family is always a good idea for the whole family but, the decision should be only yours.

What are the Benefits of Having Siblings?

> Don’t need many friends.
> Emotional support for each other.
> Have some to fight with for TV, Mobile, Food, Clothes, etc.
> Supportive of each other and can share a great bond.
> Have someone to share ups and downs after parents dead
> Available in the hard times
> They can share the responsibility of older parents equally.
> For the youngest child, his or her elder sibling is always an idol.
> Can make lots of childhood memories
> Talk to each other for any kind of guidance

Sibling Connections

The first bone child is called and treated as a Responsible One. And also has the highest burden on their shoulders, as parents always accept them to look after the other Sibling and act as a responsible one.

Middle Child is known for family intermediate, middleman, well-behaved, and loyal child. On the other hand, they are always treated as good boys or girls, also they are balanced in nature, composed, and know the art of hiding.

Youngest Child, they are the most spoiled (brat) child in the family, but at the same time the cutest ones. You can call them attention seeker, moody, emotional, and tantrum-throwing.

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