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Newborn Baby’s First Year – Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here you will find all the Answer which Every New Parent commonly asked about their Newborn Baby. Being a New Parent you must be having so many questions in your mind. Like how to take care of my newborn, what to do, and what not to do. Whether you are First time parent or an experienced one you must be having some common questions, concerns, fears, worries related to your newborn.

 Questions Every First Time Parents Ask About Newborn First Year

Q)  How much Sleep does Newborn Baby Need?

A)  > Normally newborn baby sleeps up to 16 hours each day.

> You will notice that your baby is not sleeping more than 2 to 3 hours in a row.

> Sleeping habits of your baby will keep on changing as per their growing stage.

> You might need to get up less in the night as your baby sleeping pattern is changing; now they tend to sleep less in a day and more in the night.

For good night sleep for Moms: Please try to wake up her in the afternoon, play with them, talk to them, and not let them sleep more than 1 hour in a row so that you can sleep more in the night. Please note that sleep is very important for your newborn baby, as it will help in brain development.

Q) How much should a 6-month-old Baby weight?

A)  > Normally baby is expected to have doubled her birth weight by six months.

> You can expect your baby to triple its birth weight by about 1 year of age.

> Don’t worry a lot regarding your baby weight if he or she is active and doing daily activities well.

> In case your baby’s weight is too low then ask your Pediatrician how to go about it.

Q) How to Remove Newborn Baby Body Hair?

A) You must be reading lots of articles related to the above subject online and must be confused about whether to use Bessan uptan or Loi to remove your baby extra hair from the body: Please don’t believe in this old custom. I am not against them but I don’t want to give our small little baby so much pain. What if she can’t speak it does not mean I have the right to harm her. If you rub anything so hard on your body too some hair will come off but according to the doctor it is hormonal and would vanish itself, so please chill.

Q) Which Massage Body Oil to use for Newborns in all seasons?

A) My baby was born in the peak summer and I have chosen olive oil for her after reading so many articles on the internet. But after 2 weeks I saw some small red spots and rash all over her body. I immediately stop giving her a massage for a few days but continued giving her a little bit of massage without oil before bath.  I changed her massage oil and start using coconut oil. You must choose massage oil as per the seasons

Best Oil to Use in Summer 

Coconut Oil

Sesame Oil

Best Oil to Use in Winter 

Mustard Oil

Olive Oil

Almond Oil

Dabur Lal Tail.

Please apply new oil at a small area of the baby thigh or hand for test and leave it for 24 hours to check if any reaction happened or not. Please do not give a massage if a baby has a rash on her body.


 Q) What to use for Baby Bath – Soap or Mild Liquid Soap?

A)  > Do not use soap till the baby is one year old after that mild soap can be used.

> Using soap can dry and rough the baby’s skin and the doctor also suggests not using it.

> I have used Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Bath for giving her head to toe wash, it’s totally mild and tears prove. 

> I have toddlers at home and still, I am using this product and very happy with it.

Q) How to Protect Baby Ears while Giving Bath? 

A)   > Please take care of your newborn baby’s ears while giving a bath as water can cause an infection inside the ears.

> Try to put an ahead a little bit in the lower position from the back and slowly put water on the head.

> Try to close ears from your fingers to one side and put water, repeat the same with other ears also.

> Don’t forget to dry her ears from the towel to avoid any injection.

Q) Don’t mix your Dirt Clothes with Your Baby’s Clothes?

A) As we all make the list of things to buy before bringing our little one home from the hospital. What we forget is how to use, manage, and arrange those things for our newborn to give full comfort.

How do you wash your baby’s clothes: Lots of Nappies, Bibs, Hanky, Onesies, Rompers, and Sweaters are needed for Babies in the first few months. Normally till the end of the day, lots of Wet clothes are collected for washing. Please do not put your and Baby Dirty Clothes with your clothes in One Laundry Bag.

Buy two different Small Laundry Bags or Plastic tubs to keep the baby dirty clothes in the room. We have kept two plastic tubs at the corner of our room and put the wet nappies in one plastic tub and dry dirty clothes in another plastic tub, so that baby urine does not mix with other clothes and all of them can clean separately.

Please note that it’s important to maintain hygiene for babies as Elder people have body odor to bad smell. Please avoid mixing clothes.

Q) When you can take your Newborn to Pram Outside?

A) When the baby is more than 1.5 months old and chances of getting an infection from another reduce you must take her out.

But it also depends on which season your baby is born – summer or winter; according to that only please decide. In winters do not take them out as newborns can catch cold and fever very fast as their immune system is weak and also keep you also safe as a child catch a cold from a breastfeeding mother.

In summer make sure that you keep your baby safe from a mosquito bite. Start walking with your baby in a pram with a mosquito net above the pram in the evening and make a schedule for every evening.

Please take all the precautions and delay the time of taking your baby outside till 3 months, as their immune system is still developing.

Q) What Product to Use to Clean the Baby Clothes?

A) Please don’t get confused? These days’ lots of brands are selling Baby Laundry Detergent online and offline. I have done lots of research online but finally, after seeing lots of reviews I decided not to buy those expenses baby laundry detergents.  As it is not required brands are making money out of it.

You can use SOFT DETERGENT LIQUID for washing baby clothes; they keep the clothes soft and give a nice smell. Very important it’s affordable and reasonable. Few brands in the market are which you can try are  – Godrej Ezee Detergent Liquid, Genteel Liquid, etc.


Q) How to Protect Baby from Mosquito Bites?

A) Every year we hear that mosquito bites are life-threatening. For Parents protecting their newborns & toddlers from mosquito bites is the biggest question.

You can buy a Mosquito Net with bedding for your newborn baby; it’s a very helpful day & night. This product is not very expensive. Easily come under the bracket of Rs. 500 to Rs. 700/- (picture)

One of my friends told me that in the market there are brands that offer Mosquito Repellent for babies and it’s safe. After online research, I found that we can use repellents that contain DEET that is safe for the infant. You can buy Dabur Odomos Naturals Lotions or Godrej products for infants.


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