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How to Treat High Fever in Babies/Toddlers

high fever in babies

In this blog, learn how to Deal with High Fever in Babies by Simple Home Remedies. Let me share with you my personal experience.

Whenever my daughter has a high fever, I am the most scared person on this planet.  Several times she has suffered from this problem, especially in changing weather and rainy seasons, etc. Every time her symptoms change and treatment too. Last time when she was around 1 year old, she had a high fever and her ears and tosses were hot red.

Regularly, I was keeping the cold pack on her eras and toss until it’s not gone. But on intervals of every 3 hours her ears and toss start getting hot, as fever again raising. Cold packs/ cold cloth on her head were giving her relief but her era color changes to reddish and huge swelling comes afterward.

My child’s doctor said to give her CROCIN DROPS (1.5 ml) after every 4 hours and repeat the same for 2 days, as Viral Fever takes a minimum of 3 days to cure.

My daughter’s fever was around 103 degrees Fahrenheit and it was kept on increasing. Therefore the doctor advised us to give her MEFTAL-P after every 6 hours (1.5 ml) as per her age. The doctor told us to give only 2 doses of MEFTAL-P to her, as you can’t give more doses to babies, it’s not safe. In the case of toddler fever is not reducing, then take her to the hospital immediately.  

If your baby’s age is under 3 months and has a fever above 100.4°F, then immediately call your doctor.

NOTE: Before giving the medicine/doses to babies or toddlers, please call your doctor and confirm how many doses should be given to the kid. Because as per the age of child/babies doses are advice or given to them.

How to Treat High Fever in Babies

> Give her CROCIN DROPS in every 4 hours and if fever starts reducing then increase the time. It means that every 6 hours gives the drops. As soon as her/his fever is gone stop giving her medicines. Crocin should work fine for regular fever, it does not recommend for very high fever.

> In case a toddler has a very high fever then Crocin will not work.

> You can consult your child’s doctor and give her MEFTAL-P. Ask the doctor about the doses and any side effects.

> Dipped the cloth in cold water or normal tap water on the forehead and other body parts to reduce the fever.

> As the baby fever goes above 102 degrees, start putting the cold packs immediately on the forehead; don’t wait for the fever to increase.

> If you see red heat rashes on any other body part of the kid, please start putting a wet cold cloth on the area.

> Don’t let the fever increase more than 104 degrees as it can affect the baby’s mind.

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Symptoms of High Fever in Babies

Dangerous Symptoms to Look For

NOTE: Please keep a check on your baby weight. In case you notice weight loss in her for more than 30 days then please consult the doctor.

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