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3 Ways Parents can Clean their Baby Tongue

Baby Tongue

Do you know the Importance of Cleaning Baby Tongue? Many Parents around the World don’t bother or take care of their Baby Oral Health. Cleaning a Baby Tongue is as important as you are Feeding your Baby every day. Maybe your baby doesn’t have the teeth yet, but that doesn’t mean that you will ignore his oral care requirement.

Whether your Baby is on Breastfeed or Formula Feed, in both case they need regular tongue cleaning. But now the question is “How to Clean Baby Tongue”. To do it the right way, it’s Important for Parents to get the information and knowledge before trying it. Let’s explore how can parents clean their baby tongue at home. 

Here are some of the Recommendations for Parents to use the Products that will maintain their Teeth and Tongue.

Reason Why Parents Should Clean Baby’s Tongue

1 # The biggest reason is to maintain hygiene and taking care of baby oral health. Also, to avoid Early childhood caries, also known as bottle-feeding caries, baby bottle tooth decay, night bottle mouth, Cavities, Patches in teeth, Broken teeth and Weak Enamel Issues.

2 # As Newborn babies, the immune system is not developed yet; they are at higher risk of having oral thrush, as still their resistance to fight against infection is low.

3 # If the baby tongue doesn’t clean on a regular basis it will increase the risk of infections caused by germs, bacteria, and fungus.

4 # Toddlers eat lots of sweet and spicy foods, which will leave the food particles on the tongue, therefore it becomes important to clean the tongue twice a day with flossing and brushing to avoid bacterial build-up.



3 Home Remedies to Clean Baby Tongue

 When we talk about cleaning the baby tongue, I prefer to follow or use home remedies. There is no science behind learning the skill of a baby tongue but for parents, it’s crucial to do it gently and softly.


Use Mulmul Cloth (Also known as Muslin Cloth)

In many houses, parents prefer using cloth over other methods. For centuries, the cloth has been using to clean the baby tongue, maybe due to easy availability and reasonable rates.

How to Use Cloth for Cleaning Baby Tongue (Step by Step)

1 #: Parents should always clean their hands first before starting the process of Baby Tongue

2 #: Take a small piece of sterilized cotton or gauze and dip it in light of warm water.

3 #: Wrap the cotton or gauze around your fingers and gently and smoothly put your finger inside the baby’s mouth and start cleaning.

4 #: Slowly Wipe the Baby Upper and Lower Gum Pads, don’t put extra pressure otherwise it can hurt the baby.

5 # After the cleaning of the tongue is done; you can give water to the baby for drinking.

(Tip: Always clean your Baby Tongue when he o she is in good mood)

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2 #

Use Sterilized Cotton Swabs or Earbud

 If you’re not comfortable using cloth or toothbrush, you can try sterilized cotton swabs or earbuds. Use the Earbud which already has been sterilized, as earbuds are soft in texture it will not harm the baby tongue. See the best brand offering cotton buds.

 How to Use sterilized cotton swabs or Ear Bud (Step by Step)

 1 # First of all, Clean your hands and dry them.

2 # Take one earbud (sterilized) and dip it in light warm water.

3 # Now, slowly start rolling the earbuds on your baby tongue.

4 # Clear the upper and lower gums area from back to front and repeat the same in opposite direction front to back.

5 # Hold the Ear Bud strongly so that you don’t lose the grip, otherwise, it can harm the baby’s mouth from inside.

3 #

Use Soft Bristled Toothbrush OR Gum Cleaner of Good Brand

Parents who don’t feel comfortable using cloth can consider using Soft Bristled Toothbrush OR Gum Cleaner. Especially for parents who are hygiene freaks, but it’s important to buy these products from a branded company like Colgate, Johnson’s, Mee Mee, and 1st Step Baby, etc. Please remember you need to buy Toothbrush for these brands, not the Toothpaste. As it’s recommended by Dental Experts, not to introduce Toothpaste to kids below 3 years old, as they can ingest it.


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