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10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Can’t Be Ignored

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you looking for Early Pregnancy Symptoms or Signs? Maximum women’s in the world get confused when it’s come to their confirmation of Pregnancy News. Missed Period is the most common sign and it is the most reliable sign too, in comparison to other early pregnancy symptoms and signs.

10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Let’s not waste time and jump over the early pregnancy symptoms and signs directly, as you must have reached here after lots of research to find the solution to your problem.

 1 # Most Obvious Sign is – Missing Your Period:

The First Sign of Conceiving a baby is a Missed Period and every woman knows this fact. Women, who are trying to conceive, hope every month to Miss their Periods so that their dream of having a Baby gets fulfill. But some women miss the Earlier signs of Pregnancy and get confused with Implantation Bleeding.

What is Implantation Bleeding Means?

Many Woman experiences Implantation Bleeding (looks like pink or brown spots in your underwear), which cause due to Embryo Implants on the Uterine Wall and this generally happened 7 to 14 days after Fertilization or Conception? Due to implantation bleeding, Women’s feel light bleeding & Cramp, which they mistakenly think that they are not pregnant. But the fact it is the Early Pregnancy Symptoms & Sign and Congrats you Are Pregnant.

2 # Second Earlier Sign can be Morning Sickness:

Normally, many women think the Morning Sickness or feeling of nausea is only happened after conceiving a baby in the First Trimester. But women, who are 6 weeks gestation, can feel Morning sickness followed by vomiting.

After 15 to 20 days of Conception, some women start having Morning Sickness, which they get confused with Stomach Infection. They do not know that they have already conceived the Baby. As soon as you see some Early Pregnancy Symptoms, you can check the same by taking a Home Test Pregnancy Kit.

3 # Third Salient Sign can be Fatigue and Feeling Exhausted Whole Day:

After the conception, some women start feeling the exhausting full day. While doing some work in the office or at home, they felt less energy in their Body. And the reason is due to increased levels of progesterone and overall blood supply.

It’s not important that every lady will feel this Sign, but it will affect the women who have a low hemoglobin level. But many women complain of Fatigue and lack of sleep after they conceived the baby.

For Working Women’s, it gets worse to feel Fatigued and Feeling Exhausted the whole day in the office. It makes other people in the office notice their Hidden Pregnancy News.

4 # Fourth Visible Sign is Frequent Urination:

The reason behind Frequent Urination is due to increased blood flow to your excretory organs. Just after conceiving the baby, your bladder starts filling quick and fast, and due to which women feel to visit the washroom more.

Frequent Urination is the most visible early sign of pregnancy and it usually starts about six weeks after conception. It has been said but once, you have conceived the baby, and you should never put pressure on your Bladder as it will affect your baby and your health condition.

If working women’s or stay at women’s feel to use the washroom more often than ladies, who are waiting for the news of pregnancy, can take the Home Pregnancy Test.

5 # Fifth Clear – Cut Sign is Aches and Pains:

It starts from 6 to 12 days after the conception, and some women will start feeling pain in the Lower Body. You will start feeling aches and pain in your body’s soft areas and it will get worse day by day. Once a woman conceiving the Baby their Hormones start increasing due to which they feel many changes in their body. Some women’s also start feeling headache full day but they get confused it with normally headache or migraine.

 6 # Sixth Noticeable Sign is Food Cravings:

You will notice the change in your Taste Buds. And some women start loving junk foods. Old People say that pickles and other spicy foods craving are the earlier sign of old Pregnancy. There is no research that proofs this fact. Normally Food Craving is happened due to a lack of Vitamins and Minerals in the body.

People say that after conceiving a baby mother’s body needs more calories to consume. And to fulfill the demand they tend to end up eating more food.

7 # Seventh Bold Sign is Rounded Belly:

Generally, women feel Rounded Belly and they think of monthly PMS. But Rounded Belly can also be felt once women have conceived a baby and the mother is not aware of it. The changed in women’s bodies after conceiving trigger the Rounded Belly as their uterine and abdominal muscles are not as toned.

Fit Women’s do not feel this sign until they are in the Second Trimester. But one thing which expected mother should keep in mind that, if they feel Rounded Belly with heavy bleeding, it can be a sign of Miscarriage. Please contact your doctor as soon as possible. And for confirming the Pregnancy you take Home Pregnancy Test.

8 # Eight Clear Sign is Sore Breasts:

Sore Breast is generally considered and related to be a Post Pregnancy Issue but that’s not true. It cannot be considered as the first sign of pregnancy but many women have found out their Pregnancy News by the Sign of sore breast.

Every woman’s body is different from each other, and few women’s bodies start it’s showing the sign or confirmation news of pregnancy. You will feel swelling, pain, or tenderness in your Breast due to increase blood flow and changes in body hormones. Therefore, if you notice soreness and heaviness in your Breast, do not get confused by your monthly PMS. Maybe it’s a sign of your Pregnancy. One way of not getting confused with PMS is to notice your skin near Areola, it will start getting darker.

9 # Ninth Transparent Sign is Sensitivity to Smells:

A very common sign of Early Signs of Pregnancy and many ladies relate to this sign. Suddenly, you will notice that now you do not like the Tarka in Dal or Sabzi. Actually, it is known as Hyperosmia, you will all of sudden become sensitive to food smells and followed by Morning Sickness.

Sensitivity to smell will last for a few weeks starting after conceiving the Baby. If you notice that, you cannot stand different odor and you have become sensitive to smells, and then maybe you are Pregnant. Confirm your news by taking a Home Pregnancy Test.

10 # Tenth Detectable Sign is Mood Swings:

Oh! Yeah, a Mood swing during pregnancy is the biggest problem for a Husband to face. As soon as, you conceived you will start becoming too emotional. On very small things, you will start losing your cool and show angry without any reason. Or maybe you become too sensitive and feel like crying on small arguments.

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