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8 Weird Side Effects of Being Pregnant

being pregnant
 Weird Side Effects of Being Pregnant No One Tells You About

1 # Exponential Facial Hair Growth

You might notice a sudden increase in the growth of facial hairs, it is totally normal as lots of hormonal changes are happening in your body and an increase in facial hair growth is one of the side effects of being pregnant.

Not all women suffer from this as this is purely based on your hormones and heredity.


2 # Leg Cramps especially in Night

You must have heard about morning sickness, back pain & craving, but never thought of Leg Cramps, as this is one of the most wired pregnancy side effects. Usually, Leg Cramps are related to Dehydration or Low Levels of Potassium and some vitamins so do consult with your gynecologist for adding some supplements in your diet if the frequency of cramp increases.


3 # Wetting your Pants

You will start noticing that you are leaking without any reason, in the middle of an important meeting or when you laugh or sneeze hard you may feel light leakage. Oh! Yes, it can be one of the wired pregnancy side effects. Frequent urination is a very common early pregnancy sign, but light leakage is also something that not many women know before it starts happening to them.

4 # Increased Sensitivity in Sense of Smell

Your capability to smell things is being increased and you start feeling like a trained K9 of NYPD. You can even tell what is cooking in your neighbor’s Kitchen. This can also seem like a superwomen’s power to you.

This power comes with a negative impact too, as you start to avoiding visits to your own kitchen as the smell of gravy and spices is too much to handle. Your favorite food items like sizzlers, food with the aromatic appeal are now a big NO-NO.

Many Pregnant women notice the change in their sense of smell in their First Trimester, during pregnancy period. This change is one of the earliest side effects which a pregnant woman may have.



5 # Distance from Spicy Food

Heartburn after eating your meals will be a regular thing once you are pregnant, even if you are having the same amount of spices in your food as you were having before getting pregnant, as your body metabolism is going for a toss and even little spicy food can trigger a heartburn feeling.

Especially at night, you will feel uncomfortable and sleepless if your dinner consists of spicy food, so it’s better to rethink about your meal plan and make less spicy and oily.


6 # Unwanted Gas & Bloating

Are you feeling bloated like you use to feel when you were having your periods along with some cramps? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the pregnancy period 🙂 Many women complain or discuss this problem on their First Prenatal Visit to the gynecologist. The Hormones Progesterone is one of the main causes behind excess gas during pregnancy, this is also an early sign of detecting pregnancy (being pregnant).

7 # False Periods 

This is a condition occurs when we are unsure about our pregnancy. False periods feels just like normal periods with pain, bloating only difference being it has very little bleeding as compared to normal periods.

Some ladies feel heartbroken by these as they may think that they have missed this time also but they need to be very careful in differentiating between real and false period symptoms,  as false periods come with bleeding too which is triggered when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus lining.


8 # Feel Like to Spitting

This is a rare side effect of early pregnancy, Some women complain about excess saliva with the weird taste in their mouth, this again is this the effect of hormonal development you need to consult with your gynecologist if this becomes unbearable as excessive salivation triggers the morning sickness and nausea.


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