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Silver Utensils are Best for Babies: Myths vs Facts

Silver Utensils

Do you know the main reason for using Silver Utensils to Feed Babies? Let me share some quick Facts vs Myth of using Silver Utensils for Babies. You must have heard about its benefits & the traditions attached to it, but have you ever wonder why.

We have been seeing and hearing from everyone especially from our elders that we should ONLY use silver utensils for our babies to feed food. Let us understand why and how silver is winning over plastic, steel, glass, and other forms of utensils from many & many decades. Even with changing times this practice is still practical and used by most parents.

Silver is very old and most used metal especially in Indian Continent, it’s very difficult to find even a single house in India without silverware, even very famous saying are also related to silver utensils “ He is born with silver spoon in his mouth”.

In old times silver utensils were used on a daily basis for eating, serving, and cooking food items. Rich families used to eat in silver utensils as it is considered to be a royals thing.

Use of Silver in modern times

   Jewelry and coins


Silver foil in sweets

     Gift items and Statues

Due to a rise in silver prices in modern time families has reduced its use on a daily basis. The practice of using silver utensils are still very common by parents as we cannot even take 1% risk when it’s about our little ones.

There is a lot of scientific and technical reasoning and benefits of using silver like non-oxidation properties, body absorption, anti-leaching, and many more which we can easily find everywhere.

Facts vs Myth of using Silver Utensils for Babies

1 # Fact:-   Silver is known for its bacteria free properties and it will keep bacteria growth at a minimum (at its surface).

Myth:-   It does not mean that you will keep the food items in the silver utensils the whole day because it will remain fresh and bacteria-free. We need to take care of the time of preparation and time of consumption.



2 # Fact:-  Cleaning and maintaining silver wares are very easy and quick, even a simple wash can make it 100% clean, that is why it is a good idea to use them while traveling as sometimes it’s difficult to find a proper cleaning setup on the go.

Myth:- Just because you are using silver utensils we cannot ignore proper cleaning practice like proper washing gels/power/soaps



3 # Fact:- Silver is known to have cooling properties as metal so it is also beneficial for small kids to keep them cool (as India, in general, is a hot country)

Myth: – Using silverware can make kids of cool temper, temper development is a long-term process and we need to work on the same from day one of our babies



4 # Facts:- Silver utensils (100% silver) as softer as compared to steel/other metal so it will not develop sharp corners and edges over time, preventing any cuts/bruises to our kids

Myth:- No need to do upkeep of them and use them in rough n tough way, we actually need to be extra careful and do time to time thorough check up on them



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