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How to Save Babies from the Harmful Effects of Technology

Effects of Technology

Is your Baby is under the Harmful Effects of Technology? Today’s children are growing up within the Digital World, where they See, Learn, and Play from all Different Types of Digital Devices their Parents are using. Our Babies and Toddlers are having an Expert Degree in handling and using Digital Devices and Technology.

Nowadays, you must have Read or Heard about the Side Effects of Digital Device and Interactive Media on Kids, that too Mentally and Physically. That’s why Parenting Experts advised Limiting your Child Screen Time to 2 to 3 hours per day.

First of all, Parents need to stop giving Tablets, Smartphones to their Babies and Toddlers, just for the sake of their own personal time. Because what you see, your child sees the same. Kids are too Smart and Intelligent to Grab things around them. Whatever you want to hide from them, their curiosity will increase and they will become a detective until they find it.

Tips for Saving your Babies from the Harmful Effects of Technology

1 # This Early Exposure to the Digital World, will have a Bad Impact on your Toddler and Kid’s Overall Development.

2 # We all know that Children’s Brains Developed at a fast pace until they are 5 years old. It’s a time for parents to utilize their brains in the right direction and try to give them good values and a learning experience.

3 # Overexposure to Digital Media like TV, Tablets, and Phones, etc will lead to Child Obesity, Behavioral Issues, Sleeping, and Eating Disorders later in their life.

4 # Showing Babies Rhymes and Videos on Phone and Tablets will be your Greatest Mistake. We would Advise Parents to use tv, instead of Phones and Tablets to show Rhymes or Learning videos to your Babies and Toddler. As we know, that it’s Impossible to keep Kids away from digital devices, but at least by adopting a few ways, we can save our Babies and Toddler Vision and Side Effect on their Development.

4 # You would be surprised to know that a 2-year-old, Toddler knows how to use the Laptop and the Credit goes to the Parents.

5 # Babies and Toddlers who watch TV more than 2 to 3 Hours Per Day are going through Developmental Delays.

6 # Babies are hyperactive and their energy needs to be used in the right way. Its the Parents’ duty to take them out in the Evening to the Park and try to play Small Games with them. Small Games and Activities can play a very important role in the Development of Babies and Toddlers.

7 # Do you want your Baby to show Tantrums and become an Introvert Child later in his or her life. Of course, the answer would be ‘Big No’, then why are you ignoring the Negative Effects of Technology and Digital Devices. Limit your Baby Screen Time, and try to involve your child in other activities.

8 # The best way to keep children away from the TV and Digital Device are to encourage them to make New Friends. Babies and Toddlers cannot choose or make friends of their own, its parents who have to take them out and start the initiative.



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