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10 Crazy Pregnancy Superstitions : Myths vs Facts

Pregnancy Superstitions

Do you know that these Weird and Crazy Pregnancy Superstitions are fooling many people around the world? And many people follow these superstitions without knowing the facts behind it. Some people do this research for fun and others who are in the race of having a son.

We do not want to demoralize anyone, but we just want pregnant ladies to know the exact facts as compared to the myths. When any women conceive a baby, there are many Do’s and Don’ts which come with it. It’s better to have full knowledge about these superstitions so that you don’t follow or do wrong things, which can affect your baby health.

10 Crazy Pregnancy Superstitions: Myth vs Facts

1 # Your Sex Position can Determine Baby’s Gender

Are you also in the race of having a male child and worried about your baby sex, then you must be in a row of following this superstition? Many websites offer Gender Predictor, in which you can find out if it’s a boy or a girl through the last menstrual period date & mother’s age. But they themselves say the accuracy if only 50%.

Fact: For centuries, people are looking for the answer to this question, and to date, no one has found any facts which support this superstition or myths. In a simple way, your sex position cannot influence the gender of your unborn baby.

2 # To Have a Boy Eat Meat and Salty food AND Mothers who love Eating Desserts will have Girl

Wow, its fanatics to know that people still believe this superstition, and can you please tell us how it’s actually happening. Friends, your craving during your pregnancy is due to your inner wills and choices. Many women go through some nutrition issues during pregnancy due to which they have a specific craving towards some particular foods, you can discuss this superstition with your doctor.

By the way, if it’s really true that in many countries like India, people will follow this myth and will not have allowed women to have a girl. Please don’t believe in this Pregnancy Superstitions at all, just enjoy eating whatever food you like and enjoy this period of pregnancy.

Fact: Not true.

3 # Full Moon can predict your Baby Gender or Increase Deliveries

If you want a son, make love when there are quarter moons and for daughter make love during a full moon. These myths have been around for many centuries and people still have faith in this Pregnancy Superstitions.

A physicist and astronomer by the name of Daniel Caton published a study in 2001 to disprove this theory entirely. In his research, he included about 70 million U.S. births over a twenty-year period. And he totally refuses this theory.

Fact: Not True

4 # During Pregnancy Women should Not Eat Papaya

It’s believed that eating papaya during pregnancy period can cause miscarriage. You must have heard about what to eat and what not to eat from your elders in the family. Actually, you cannot totally ignore this Pregnancy Superstitions, as many doctors also advise not to eat papaya during pregnancy.

Fact: It’s true; actually papaya contains pepsin and Papin content which reduces the growth and development of your fetus. Also consuming papaya can cause anti-implantation & in simple language miscarriage. It’s better to believe in this Pregnancy Superstitions and avoids papaya. You can discuss the same with your doctor too.

5 # During Pregnancy more Scratches means Baby Born with a Birthmark

Have you heard about this Pregnancy Superstitions? Some older people have this myth in their minds and which they pass to their daughter and son. Birthmark does not have to do anything with this superstition; it’s only due to hereditary and nothing else.

Vascular birthmark is due to the overgrowth of blood vessels and a Pigmented birthmark (also known as the mole) is caused by a cluster of darker skin cells.

Fact: Not true, it’s hereditary, or a natural process.

6 # If Expectant Mothers take Saffron in their Food, they will have Fair Baby

One more stupid Pregnancy Superstitions, which people are obsessed with. Nothing can determine your baby face color, just chill. It’s an ancient myth, which people are passing in their families. The earlier female family member sends the saffron for their expected daughter to have their baby as a ritual. But people have taken it in the wrong way; it’s not for baby color, actually saffron has many health benefits that are good for mother & baby health.

Fact: Not True…

7 # Long Labor means it’s going to be a Baby Boy

Again the answer is no, there is no science behind this superstition. People say that long and tough labor means it’s going to be a boy. Who said this and how can the labor period define a baby gender. Any educated person will not believe this theory.

Fact: Not True.

8 # If Expectant Mothers Skin is Glowing, it’s definitely a Boy

Glowing skin does not have any connection with the baby’s gender. What if a woman is already fair, then how this theory will work.  Chances in mother skin color are due to changes in hormones. You can discuss this with your doctor to get more information, as there is no connection between the glowing skin and baby sex.

Fact: Not, True.

9 # Mother who is caring Boy Eats more Food and Calories

We have already discussed above that eating any kind of food does not have any relations with baby gender. More craving sometimes is due to internal changes in hormones. Earlier in families, women do not get to eat good and nutritious food during pregnancy, due to unawareness of food nutrition plus less money. Therefore, women’s spread these rumors of consuming good food will give them a son, so that family members give them good and nutritious food. Except for this, there is no truth in this pregnancy superstitions.

Fact: Not True.

10 # Very old but Strong Superstition, Mother Belly can determine Baby’s Sex

No truth in this myth, but it’s fun to compare mother belly at different stages. There is no research or facts which support this. But for having fun during the pregnancy period you can enjoy this myth. Many women around you must predict your baby as per your belly, just have fun and enjoy motherhood.

Fact: Not True.


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