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15 Tips for Weight Gain in Toddlers

weight gain

Weight Gain Tips for Babies and Toddlers, they are always full of energy jumping from here and there doing all sorts of crazy things, but do you know the correct way to keep them charged and rocking all the time?

These toddlers need energy that comes from correct food items which should be a mix of vegetables, nuts, fat, protein, and carbohydrates, but these days toddlers fill their stomach with junk foods like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. Which is not good for their health and can cause young obesity.

Making our kids eat right at the correct time is the biggest worry in front of each and every parent. Especially when your kid hits the 2-year mark as by now he is starting to develop his own taste and liking for particular food items. Parents should Use High Chair to feed their babies and for sure your life would be easier.

We should make sure that he should eat regular food which we are making every day for other family members. Kids at age 2 must have 5 portions of meals daily as a routine also all parents should maintain a height and weight chart to measure and record once in 2 months to track their kid’s physical development.

The below chart can be used as a reference for Twins Babies too. Twins Parents need to keep a different track record of their both kid’s individual and it’s very normal for them to get confused. Therefore, we would advise twins parents to write down the records of both kids on a piece of paper or in some record book, as a reference.



Points to be considered before you take any steps to increase your child weight:

15 Foods to Increase Weight in Toddlers

1 # Lots of Mashed Potatoes 

Potatoes are a starchy vegetable and are the best source of carbohydrates and provide energy to the body. It’s very easy to include the potato in your toddler’s diet. You can add lots of mashed potatoes and try to mix match the potatoes with other green vegetables to add the extra flavor.

2 # Desi Ghee 

It has more calories and fats, which helps weight gain in toddlers and kids. It’s important to check if the Ghee you are buying is Cow Milk Ghee, which is actually best for your toddler. Try to put at least 1 or 2 spoons of Desi Ghee in your Child’s Food, especially in Dal/curry or Homemade Chapati/Roti/bread.

3 # Banana 

Banana is loaded with nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, and vitamin B6 and helps babies & toddlers to gain weight.

4 # Chikoo/sapodilla

Chikoo/sapodilla is a great source of vital nutrients, it is also very high in calories. It contains natural sugar and boosts immunity also it is a good source of vitamin A. It helps in improving a child’s eyesight. You can give the chikoo in the form of puree, milkshake, porridge, and kheer.

5 # Mangoes 

Mango is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, iron, copper, and abundant potassium. If you give 2 or 3 mangoes to your child every day it will lead to a healthy weight gain. Many adults don’t eat mangoes even when they tend to like them due to fear of weight gain

6 # Cows’ Milk 

Like Breastmilk, Cow’s Milk is best for babies after the age of 12 months. It will be a good idea to give one glass of cow’s milk in both mornings, and evenings to increase your child’s weight. Also, milk is high in calcium, which is important for growing bones and teeth.

7 # Vegetables 

Spinach, fenugreek leaves, carrots, pumpkin, beans, and others are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Try to include these vegetables in your toddler’s diet for healthy weight and height gain. You can give these vegetables in the form of puree, mashed, and finger foods.

8 # Eggs

Adding 1 to 2 eggs to your toddler’s diet will help in gaining weight.  We all know that eggs are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, you can give eggs to your toddler in the morning or in his breakfast in the form of Boiled Eggs, scrambled, and Omelette.

9 # Dry Fruits 

Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, raisins, black currants, dates, and dried apricots are great options to include in your child’s diet for healthy weight gain in kids.

10 # Red Meat 

Red meat is a good idea to include in your toddler’s diet for weight gain, but before adding it, please make sure that your child does not have any allergies from it. And, as soon as they start gaining weight, stop or reduce their quantity.

11 # Cheese

Cheese is the best way to increase weight even for adults and kids who love cheese in all forms. You should select full-fat cheeses for your toddler for weight-gain. Also, it is a good source of fat, protein, calcium, and calories.

12 # Peanut Butter

It is an ideal food for a weight-gain It will be a good idea to put one layer of apple and peanut butter on whole-grain bread and serve with low-fat string cheese or milk. This will be a healthy mini-meal that fills your child’s stomach and it’s very high in calories and fat.

13 # Ragi

Rich Source of Calcium, Natural Iron, Fiber makes kid’s stomach full and improves skin and hair. There are many ways to include Ragi in your toddler’s food, like you make Ragi Halwa, Ragi Porridge, Ragi Banana Pancakes, Ragi Rava Upams, etc. It can be served at breakfast or at dinner.

14 # Avocados

They are rich in healthy fats, which are essential for growing kids. A half-cup of avocado contains 15.3 micrograms of vitamin K and 1.51 milligrams of vitamin E. It is again to be considered as the best food for weight gain in children.  Prepare the dishes like Banana, Avocado & Apple Baby Muffins, Avocado & Spinach Pasta, Chicken Wrap with Avocado mayonnaise, etc. Kids love their taste and can be eaten anytime in a day.

15 # Whole Grains

Whole grains such as whole grain wheat, granola, crackers, brown rice, cereals, pasta, and cornbread in the daily diet contribute to good weight gain in toddlers and kids. You can consider adding these food items to your child’s diet on a regular basis.

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