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When is the Right Time to Have Babies?


The Biggest Question in front of Married Couples is ‘Whether to have Babies or Not’? It’s the most important and most discussed question in Married Couple’s life is ‘When to Plan for Babies‘? Or in some cases do we even need Babies in our lives?

Let’s try to get the Right Answer for the Question “When is the Right Time to Plan Babies?

Young couples who are just married and started their journey of married life may have different opinions on timings and logic to answer this question, there are many aspects to answer this logically.

Parenting and Kids are something that is bigger and more important to be solved by Logic alone; it needs Heart, Love, Compassion, and Warmth to solve this Puzzle. There are many key areas on which we need to surmise before planning to extend our families because this is a decision for which we need lifetime commitment.

Below are the Few Points, which will help you in taking Right Decision

1 # Financial

The most important point to ponder about this is money as starting from delivery, preschool, school, university till the child’s marriage, we need to plan for expenditures which are not small in any standard. It needs proper planning to make sure your loved ones have a safe and secure future.

Most of us plan babies when we think, we are financially stable and we can manage extra spending on our child’s upkeep and other expenses. It will not only make us a more informed financial planner but also a more responsible spender who is always planning for a better future.

We need to understand one very important thing that money is not the only thing which will secure a better future for our child. It’s just a small part more important things are Love, Affection, Time spends together, Laughers, and Fun times.

2 # Age Factor

Age is a very critical factor while deciding to time to have babies as fertility rates are downing down significantly and reproductive years, especially for women, are shortened by the days. These days after crossing 35 years of age, it’s getting very difficult for women to conceive even if you are marinating a healthy lifestyle.

Age Factor Affecting Women’s: Most common issues facing by many women are, as their age is growing fast, their eggs are getting lesser. And some of the reasons are smoking, drinking, stress, diet, physical activities, etc.

Age Factor Affecting Men’s: Even for Men Quality and Quantity of Sperms are getting lesser, as they cross the age of 40 years, due to similar reasons as discussed above.

So we must consider this fact in mind and plan babies accordingly, otherwise, when you will make up your mind for having a Baby, you will face the problem of infertility.  Also, you must consider the age factor if we are planning for babies with a minimum gap of 2 years. That first baby should be planned before you hit the age of 30 years.

3 # Career

These days’ many couples are very focused and dedicated towards their respective careers and they cannot allow any time and thing which comes between their goals in their office lives. They didn’t even consider having kids in their prime years 30-40 years, but they forget that these are also prime years to have kids. As what they are earning and running behind is actually for the betterment of their family and family starts with our little ones.

We must plan and balance between them when to have babies and how to take a break from busy office life for a world’s best and most reputed and permanent title called mommy/ daddy. As no other temporary title like VP, CEO, CMO can be so fulfilling like being called mommy by your young ones.

Most of the companies these days have excellent policies and dedicated leaves to start families and benefits linked to the same, so it’s better to run behind your sweet little ones than to run a crazy rat race in your office.



4 # Freedom

Most of the couples find it’s very difficult to think about how their freedom of impromptu traveling, partying, and hanging out with friends will be limited and constraint after having babies.

I along with my husband used to think the same before having our first baby but after we had our first baby we never ever missed our alone traveling and partying. Its a lot of fun hanging around with your little tots and now when we look back we use to think how wrong we were back then.

My take on freedom is that it’s all in our mind and we find it more thrilling and adventurous while traveling with little bubbles than we use to travel all alone as now we have someone for whom we are making memories for life.

5 # Responsibility

Having and raising kids is not a kid’s play!

It comes with great responsibility and every couple should understand that this responsibility is not a till your child is born but this is a lifetime responsibility even after your life. Also, you have to make sure your sons/daughters will not have any problems in their life by providing the best education, habits, etiquette, and manners.

If we look at responsibility from different glasses than we will find out that this is sweet responsibility makes us see this world differently, we become more social, well-spoken, well behaved to make sure our kids see and follows the same. Our way of looking at things sees a change, we try to quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, junk food, etc, so that our kids don’t pick them up by watching us do the same.

Our kids make us more responsible citizens and human beings after their birth than we ever were. Thinking kids are responsible is not the right way it’s more about upgrading yourself for better you and making yourself more you. It’s about making yourself more social and responsible as a person in all aspects of lives be it financial, safety, education, eating, driving, traveling, and many more.


My take of this topic is that being a parent is the most beautiful thing in this world and the satisfaction of holding your little ones in your hands and looking in their eyes cannot stand a chance with futile things like buying Porsche, Living in a Big Mansion or Stacks of Money in Bank.

No time is the bad time to have baby, as that little bundle of joy will automatically make his/her space in your life, in your heart, and in your bed. Also, just think more from the heart instead of your head as love cannot be studied or googled it can only be felt and shared. There is no better way to feel love and be loved than to have babies.

Things will automatically fit in their places just like kids puzzle and make your life complete. Read the below links to understand about all the Three Trimester of Pregnancy 


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