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Reasons Why Parents Should Not Force Baby to Walk Before Time


Baby Walk – Whether you should Force your Babies to Walk or Let them Learn on their Own? What is Right or Wrong, when it’s come to Baby Walking? We all want our Babies to be First in every aspect of Life from other babies. With every Baby step, Parents have many Dreams related to their Future. But have you ever thought, that Forcing your Baby Walking can create long-term hurdles in Baby Perfect Growth & Development?

Baby Walking means baby learning how to put one foot forward while balancing the other. It gives an independent feel to babies and their curiosity increases. But as a “Parent are you doing the right thing”, Let’s Find out.

6 Reasons Not to Walk Baby before Time

Babies are likely to take their first step between 9 to 15 months. Many parents are too concerned about their child to hit its milestone earlier such as walking.

1 # Don’t put Babies on Walker before time; it will Damage their Muscle Tone

Putting babies on a walker is totally no-no and that too earlier. It damages your Baby Muscle tone and delays the baby’s walking skills. Walker allows babies to move around freely and put lots of pressure on their legs. It has been proven lots of times that walkers are not good for babies, as their chances of hurting themselves increase.

Let them enjoy more tummy time and let them discussed when they want to start walking. Forcing the baby before the time will no harm the baby’s muscles and bones. Let them handle and balance their own body weight and slowly and steadily they will start walking.

2 # Will Affect Baby’s Legs Strength & Shape

Early walking will create unwanted pressure on babies’ legs, knees, and feet. As babies are in their learning and developing stages, pressuring them to walk earlier will only create a problem for them and their parents. The Baby’s legs are generally in bowed shape and early walking will affect the baby’s leg shape later. And baby’s legs and bones are in the stage of developing and learning how to baby full-body pressure on their knees and feet without harming the baby.


3 # Early Walking means Less Crawling

Parents should encourage their babies to do more crawling before they start standing or walking on their legs. Crawling plays a very crucial part of baby development; they learn how to hold their bodies and push them forward. They will start understanding how their body works and help in building the muscles in their neck, legs, and back.

Most important crawling means strong legs and knees, which means a lot in baby good growth and development. The more the baby will crawl the more his legs and body will gain strength. Therefore, please don’t be in a hurry to put babies on walkers.

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4 # Safety Issue (Baby Walk)

Your baby is still in the process of learning and adapting to new things around him. In case your baby starts walking before the time, his brain or mind will not tell him or warn him against the fall from heights. As a baby grows, the baby will have more sense of falling and getting hurt.

The first thing which comes to a parent’s mind, when babies start walking is the safety & precaution measures. But by forcing your baby to learn walking earlier, will no end up in more baby falls, starched, and cuts. Therefore, for baby safety, it’s important for parents to wait for the right time.


5 # Will Create Unwanted Pressure on Baby

You are unnecessarily making pressure on your baby and that too just for your satisfaction. What will you achieve if your baby learned to walk early, will it change anything or it will just satisfying your egos or dreams. In the coming years, your baby will have to face many pressures in their life. Then why you are unnecessary to want to introduce them to the pressure world. Take it easy and enjoy your baby’s childhood.


6 # Baby will have Taste of Earlier Independence

Earlier they learn to walk, earlier they become independent. By making your baby walking earlier, you are actually making the biggest mistake of your life. Babies are too small to understand everything happening around them and by making your baby walk earlier you are making them explore many things before the time. As intellectual people say “There is a Right Time for everything”, then you want to force things on your baby, who is not a toddler yet.

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